Sunday, August 28, 2011


Ok saw the doctor on Friday and everything is doing well. mentioned how tired I am and he said its normal the second pregnancy. Cause first of older and second can't rest as much because have another little one to watch.

I had an ultrasound and got to see the heartbeat and saw the baby move. He said at this point only have a 5% chance of a miscarriage. So yes the appointment went well. Also new doctor my old one retired and both Russ and I really like him! So another good ting.

Now on a bad side note I got Connor's cold and atm have a slight fever ugh. And today can't rest much because were having Connor's 3rd birthday party today. I can't believe it tomorrow my little boy will be three years old. Who I hear was really cute on Friday when his daddy picked him up after work. We got to pictures from the US he showed it to Connor and he had to hold the two pictures in the car as they drove home. Kept saying there pictures of his baby sister. Yes he's still calling it baby sister. Well find out in 8 to 10 weeks what it is! And also found out that my due date is March 23rd.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm not doing well at updating on here. I've been really tired and taking naps after work as of late. They've only been kind of helping. They tend to just make me dizzy, but I need them just really, really tired right now!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My kitty

Felt like doing a short post on my kitty. He's a great cat, rarely bites or claws. Lets my son pick him up and drag hi around the house and then goes back and rubs up against his legs. my little Pippy is what you call a rag-doll. Basically they have the temperamental of a rag-doll. He just flops and is very mild tempered. Though he does try to play with hubbie's cat who is to old for such things. Anyways I love my little puff ball to death and even more so because he is so could with Connor!
Anyways pics below. One with Connor holding Pippy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Been debating about posting about this I'll touch on it a little but not going to go in full details lets just say my only surviving grandparent one whom I don't want to associate with much keeps things umm interesting. First off going to post a news article which is way way off. Source here:,0,7397603.story


A man is in the hospital after a shooting Wednesday night in Taylorsville.

The shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. when police say a man was shot in the leg near 1500 West and 4400 South. Officers say the victim was hit by a small caliber weapon and it could possibly be gang related.

The man was taken by ambulance to Intermountain Medical Center. No details have been released yet on his condition.

Ok so I can say this is NOT gang related. Unless my grandpa is in a gang.. yeah 84 year old man in a gang heh. So he was hanging out with his rather questionable friend... lot of back story not going into. Lets just say we should put charges up on this person with taking advantage of the elderly. Anyways her mentally handicapped son was with her after a while they told him to go home, but he wouldn't instead went into my grandpa's house against his wishes. Well grandpa told him to get out and then got his gun. Grandpa first off did not shoot the guy. They struggled the other guy got the gun and shot at my grandpa and ended up shooting himself in the leg.

Anyway he's up on charges for trespassing and also he beat up my grandpa so that to. Thing is Grandpa has been hanging around people he shouldn't it seems in his old age he's lost the ability to be weary around people he trusts everybody.


Friday, August 5, 2011


Think for a while my updates will be sporadic just to damn tired to write up posts. My cousin Mandie may be having her baby boy at anytime now. She isn't due until the end of this month, but has developed this rash from the pregnancy that apparently is really bad and could be a sign of other problems. They did an ultrasound on her yesterday and the baby is 8 pounds so is a good size to be in the safe zone. The doctors are talking about possible inducing her. Sounds like a ultra sound at her stage was strange. Can see the face really well and apparently he has a lot of hair. So anytime now her little one should be coming to the world. Her sister, who is having a girl isn't due until October.

I'm still waiting to go in for my first app my Doc doesn't want to see you until you are ten weeks along. So won't know+ much until August 26th. Have an app that morning and then off to work for me until 6 that night. Just gotta love Fridays and broken promises. Seriously took on the new job and still working until 6 *sigh*. Only good thing I can sleep in on Friday which I admit I need right now,

Been so exhausted that I am not getting much done. Haven't done much with my cross stitch the last picture I put up of the one in progress hasn't had much more done on it. I'll try to remember to post a picture when I get the K done. Well all but the back stitching waiting to do that part at the end.

Ok was going to type more but Connor now playing with keyboard his work below tired of fighting him lol.

m, yhj,lhg


Monday, August 1, 2011


I don't know happened I really don't and in a little bit of shock. Both of our birds where healthy and happy this morning but we just found one on the bottom of the cage dead :/. Our only guess is that he somehow broke his neck but were not sure. :/ I *sigh*