Thursday, May 31, 2012

People have no tact

Yes my baby has a feeding tube, but that's not all of who he is. he's a very happy smiley baby whose smile gets bigger every time you play with his arms. Who already appears to have hay fever poor guy! But yes it is the dominant thing you see on him and it does take up a lot of time maintaining,feeding, avoid tripping on and rushing to the hospital with each clog with fear that he will not be getting enough nutrition for the day.

Now for some people the tube can seem really scary and there is no way they are going to hold him not until its gone! Which is fine, but I've held him with much much more tubes on him then what he has now this one tube doesn't bother me in that way, now I ma careful. I certainly do not want it pulling out! Which I already did once :/ not fun. I am worried abut all of these trips to the hospital about all of the x-rays we have to put him through in order for him to be able to eat. we had to go back on Monday because it clogged again!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The bottle dilemma

One thing has me very on edge right now and its feeding Aiden. I didn't know that the hardest part with him would be getting him off of the feeding tube and on to a bottle, but it is.  Last month he took a bottle like a champ and drank with no problems, he just couldn't swallow it well. Now he has passed to drink some from a bottle. He can have thicker liquids so I add a thickener to the breast milk and give it to him. if only I could get him to drink from the bottle! we decreased the amount of food he was getting by feeding tube in hopes to make him hungry and then maybe he would drink from a bottle.

Doesn't he looks so happy about the bottle??? Crap this isn't going well at all. So he is already little for his age and now getting less nutrition in hopes he would get it from a bottle he will not take!   Yes I am on edge about this whole thing, he never acts hungry... even during the times he's been off it longer then he should due to clogs... or a clumsy mom pulling his tube out. He does have rehab (speech therapy) in hopes to get him off of this damn tube, he just doesn't want to not since he threw up stomach acid :/.  One thing with his rehab is that we put flavored chap stick on his lips. We needed a variety of flavors and of course they only make them for girls so here is Aiden's chap stick!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

No more clogs.... please?

Sp these two put me through the ringer this week. I'm tired of ER visits lets just start by saying that. Those who are friends on my facebook didn't get the everything that happened I didn't post about one of our trips.

Tuesday night Connor who gets constipated from time to time got bad with it. he was jumping up and down screaming in pain. It came to the point that yes we headed to the ER He hadn't gone potty since Sunday night and even that one had been a lot of work for him. So were waiting for the Doctor and he's in pain and keeps saying the Doctor will help me over and over and we kept saying yes they will. Well he starts jumping up and down again crying in pain and... poops about 5 minutes before the Doctor comes in... yeah. So she comes in and checks.. no more blockage. were given some advice to help him in the future and discharged after being charged the Er copay.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Swallow, clog, trip

The 16th ended up being a very long day. Its started off with Little A's swallow test. it was hard to watch, last time he had done so well with the bottle I had assumed he would have no problem with it this time. Unfortunately I was wrong. Him throwing up stomach acid the other week really pushed all of his accomplishments back. He simply would not take the bottle and swallow the fluids. They ended up pippetting the fluid into his mouth he did not pass for thin fluids but he did for thick fluids. So I can now give him small amounts of thick fluids by  mouth. Hopefully with work I will get him to start drinking from a bottle so far he hasn't but were working on it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2 months

Technically little A isn't two months until tomorrow but I figured it was close enough!

Stats: As of Wednesday (9th) my little guy was 10 pounds even and 21 and a half inches!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Look

First off I want to thank Jo for the books for my boys they both really like them! Whenever I show the one to little A his eyes get really big!
Only other thing to say is I changed the look of the blog! been wanting to make a banner for it and finally did. Its not the best of banners, I haven't done much on photoshop for quite sometime and so yes I'm rusty! But overall I'm happy with it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feeding tube fun.

So I've gone back to work and that's made it hard for me to update my blog, just isn't enough time in the day! I'm getting on my computer maybe  three times a week for a half hour or so. Basically go on to get things taken care off then I'm off again. Going back to work hasn't been great at all, don't won't to go into it just *sigh*.

Notice anything different in this picture?  Yes his feeding tube is on the other side, lets just say that was fun... not. So Sunday night we are over at my Mom's house and I go to change his milk and when I try to start it its says no flow in. Turns out its clogged we tried everything but could not get it to unclog, been able to get it unclogged in the past. So at about 6:30 we kiss Connor good bye, thankfully grandma and grandpa were able to watch him yay, and head to Primary Riverton. The only area opened that night was the ER.  So 4 hours later and three attempts at declogging the feeding tube, plus a big copay ugh, we were told that they could not replace the feeding tube there and had to go all the away up to the U, about an hour drive from where we were at.  we were not happy about that at all.. why it took that long to tell us we had to go somewhere else was beyond frustrating.