Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Broken Heart Healed

When we were given the news that there was something wrong with my unborn child's heart my world shattered. As someone described it at work I became mad at the world and he told me there is nothing wrong with that. He had been there himself when he was fighting cancer. Yesterday he stopped me and asked me how my little guy was doing, because he could tell I had changed. Changed in the same way that being told he was now cancer free had done to him. And yes I do feel better, lighter. Dare I say happy?

I am amazed and in awe with this little boy. His broken heart had been affecting him so much more then I could  have  imagine!  I of course knew about his growing restraint but there is so much more! He is more active, did not think he coil done more active but he is!
 His vocabulary has increased instead of saying daddy he says daddy an  tries to repeat what we say. The other  night kept saying no and his name an  He started running from me laughing an  saying his name over and over again! He had never said his man  before! We call for Jo's brother to come here he yells for him to. All new in just the last week. Wow just wow. It is fin seeing what he is doing mow! Can't wait until my boys can play a bit tougher together where there don't the worry about a A being so little. Big brother want  it to! His accomplishments have fixed this mommy's broken heart. Keep falling more and more in love with these boys of mine.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

so much better!

A is doing so much better! He is no longer throwing up and he is eating a lot! He has a nice full tummy mow and he feels heavier and bulkier! Right now he does not feel delicate like he  usually does. He also  is sayin  more things. Was calling his name an  He started saying it. When we call his older he starts calling out as well. He also is more active which I honestly did not think he could b  more active!  Now if we can just avoid some colds for a while he will hopefully start catching up.

Glad we decided to start boogie is boy next year with school because this has been hard on him he was so upset when A was in the hospital and when I came to take him to the ER he told me to get him to a doctor now. Also so any germs at school would have been bad for A. Now he will have time to grow bigger then he can have more colds!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weight back

Took A to his pediatrician today as a follow-up from last nights ER visit. And let me first say he looks so Mich better am  acting more normal. He gained the weight back!!!! He now weighs 17 pounds 8 ounces. So glad he is back up to weight just shows he really needed that IV glad we took him on. Hopefully now he starts growing and has a break with illnesses!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rough day

A got worse as the day went on. I left work early and took him up to PCMC's ER. He was pal is eyes were sunken in an  He really did no  look right. He is really really skinny scary skinny. When we hot there they sis decide to pitching on an IV since he is a heart kid they sis it slowly, have him a different med to help with his tummy. He drank eight ounces of Apple juice an  it has not come back up! We are home now glad we did not have to say people in scrubs really upset him. He unfortunately has lost weight. He has dropped from 17 pounds 9 ounces to 16 pounds 4 ounces. Why why can't he get away from the 16 pounds area??????

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

He is being put back onto zantac for reflux. Hoping that solves it. If not we will be calling cardiology again and going from there.
Since we got home A has been throwing up on and off. Well since last night everything has been coming up. I have  called cardiology just waiting for them to call me back. Message  said may not be until after nine, it's eight right now.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

We will fin  outlet on how A is doing at his next appointments. He sees his pediatrician on October second ans then sees cardiology on October eleventh including an echo. Before surgery he weighed 17 pounds 9 ounces. I know he has not gained much as of yet he had to many tomes throw in  up. He has finally stopped doing that. He is now acting normal. And has started doing something normal for kids his age temper tantrums! He has has some BIG ones. Holly Molly yay for some normal kid stuff. Is it bas that I think he look  cute when he has one?  I love that he is soon  something normal for his age makes me super happy LOL.  So yes I am happy for his tantrums.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Details

I figured I should writer a more detailed post of what went on this week not only for my readers but for myself as well. I want to tell Aiden about all of this later and wan  to write it while it is still relatively fresh in my mind.

On Monday night I dropped Connor off of at Grandma's since we needed to get to the hoe early the next day. My big guys nerves were on edge ans he ended up throwing up. This was definitely rough on him! He continued to complain about being sick until we all got home. He's fine now!

After dropping him off we went to bed early since we needed to be up at four. A had different plans he decided to ask  up at one wanting a bottle at that point he coil  only have clear liquids ans when I have them to him he was mad. Daddy ended up sitting with him the remainder of the night while I tried to sleep. Needless to say we did not get much sleep. I got the most so drove to the hospital that morning. Took an hour and half to get through pre  open. A was overall calm the whole time. We did have some surprised nurses when they learned he was set up for both a Cath and possibly surgery after. Apparently that's not normal.

Now the main reason they were unsure if a Cath would work is because he is such a little guy and the hole is really big. Dr Grey felt there was a good chance to fix the hole and wan to try. He was taken back at 7:45 for the Cath. He was very calm the whole time and did not cry when I handed him over to the nurse. His calmness helped this mom a lot! We were given a beeper and after eating headed up to the waiting room. The Cath was actually pretty fast the beeps went off just before ten.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We are home!!! Do you believe it? Because I don't! Feel like I was on  rollercoaster that alphas a huge build up an  then tiny drop at the end. He is already acting normal. He is eating without any problems now the anesthesia is out of his system. His echo and EKG looks good we will be back in four weeks. Now we get to see if he grow from the sound of things he should. The hole was really big an  a lot of blood was flowing the wrong way. So a lot of his calories was  being used for that though it did not slow him down at all! I wan  to say thanks to Doctor Grey for believing he could fix hos heart via a Cath and then proving he could an  big thank you to everyone  who has been showing love an  support for us it has helped us a lot.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

He had a chest x-Ray and looks good so far the device just his time  looks backed up hence the throwing up.


Been a little rough Aiden does not like anesthesia and is scared he has been throwing up on and off. First six hours had yo keep his leg straight they used a vein in his leg to get to his heart. They will do. An echo and EKG in the morning of everything looks good we can go home. They need to make sure that the device does not move. Also they said the hole was big ans a lot of blood was flowing  the wrong way. Hence why he wasn't growing! He should hopefully grow better now. They also ballooned his aorta it was starting to narrow an  They decided to take care of that now. Instead of going back next year.

no OHS!

The Cath worked so no surgery for my buddy! They were able to patch the hole and they also ballooned his aorta because it showed  some narrowing. He is in recovery  and will stay at the hospital over night. And should be released some time tomorrow. There was  son  tearing with the ballooning of the aorta but they said it's normal and no  overall a problem.

He will have an echo and EKG in  the morning.

He was taken back at 7:45 for his Cath we will not het update  for a few hours. Let the waiting begin.

Monday, September 9, 2013

We check in at 6am tomorrow for Aiden's surgery. I will update when I can.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Candle in the dark

I feel so much lighter today with just the fact my little guy may not have open heart surgery. I do  not realize how much it has been weighinghing me down until after that phone call. Yes I do know he may still an  up having surgery but before it was th  only thing they could do. Now? Now there is a chance he does not and that make  me happy just the chance of not needing it that a Cath can fix his heart. Yes it did bother me that they were nit going yo do a Cath so them calling and changing the plans yay!

We got up early this Mormon  because hubby was going to go to comic con with my brother  an  I was going to go to Hallmark with my mom while  grandpa watched the boys. It was nice getting out for a bit without the boys. It's been a while. We ended up getting there to early. They were no  opened yet so ended up at Target. We ended up buying two Halloween shirts for my oldest because he loves Halloween a lot! Also got something for A on clearance. They do not have any Halloween stuff foe his age big bummer there.

This kid can and will wear them year round. Also stopped at the dollar section because they have some good deals. Bought some tape, wrapping paper and a shark book for Connor. Also bought some M&Ms to try a new flavor pumpkin spice there not bad little strange but not bad I prefer the mint ones.

By then Hallmark was open and went and bought the ornament I have been waiting for. Special edition of the mischievous kitty's set. Also ended up buying  Now for Connor because yeah can not resist.

Lastly we stopped at Yankee candles cause my mom had a coupon. I ended up buying a candle as a joke for my husband. He is Hawaiian an  hate  how they lab something as Hawaiian by just adding pineapple to it, ticks him off. He also hates cilantro calls it a weed goes of if he says anything that has it in it so this candle just cracked m  up!

It was so worth two dollars!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cath lab here we come

Cardiology called and there has been a change in plans for Tuesday.  They had a care conference and  they believe that they can fix the hole  in his heart via a heart catheterization. For information  the procedure go here. If this work them no OHS an  a much faster discovery. Usually  only stay over night instead of 3-4 days. Healing  is much faster! No breaking his ruins, opening him up stopping  his heart of bypass!

He will be the first case of the day because I  it does not work he will go from there to surgery and things will proceed as originally planned.   I am hoping the Cath works but I admit they scare me a little but they are so much less evasive that it would be easier on him ans on all of us. We will fond out Tuesday I will update on that day.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I had a rather strange dream last night. Okay the majority of my dreams are bizarre I might start writing about them more often just because of how unique they are. This on was not as weird as then others well I will write what my dream was and you can decide.

We were at the hospital but it was not the hospital we go to for A. It was in fact a building at the community college I went to. Part of that building contained a garage used to teach car repair. We were not in that area but in the front of the building which is very 80's construction. Old wood and dark brick. We were there because the little guy was admitted to the hospital the night before and he was going in for heart surgery. We were on edge my parents were with me. Connor was home with uncle. We were becoming on edge because we were not getting any information.

My mom headed up the stairs to demand what was going on! Minutes later mom came back down smiling in her hands was a hamster(looked like my favorite pet hamster I had growing up). She look at me and shows him to me. You could tell he has been opened up and sewed up. I was told that the surgery went well. I started freaking because she was holding him and he needed to recoup!

She left and I turned and tried to call work since I had not called to say I was not coming in. My phone was not working I finally got through and told them I needed time off to take care of my hamster who had his surgery a week early. Which I never finished saying because I realized how silly that sounded and was waiting for John Cleese to come in and wave his arms saying okay that's enough this has become to silly! I woke up at that point.

If it's not obvious next week is weighing heavily on my mind.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This better be isolated occurrence!!!!!!!

So we have been having Aiden avoid people as much as we can right now. So must say was not happy when he threw up all over me this morning! I mean really? Hoping it was because moments before he bumped his head and was crying. That better be the reason otherwise crap!!!!!!!!

Maybe he did it to get another bath! He loves baths and after the surgery can not have one for a while.

ETA: Finally let me add a photo A after his bath.