Friday, March 16, 2012

Aiden's birth story

I'm going to do my best to write this all down while its still fairly fresh in my mind. I may muddle a few things, I'm hurting right now and on pain meds so will see how this goes.

On the morning of March14th we dropped Connor off at my Mom's who was planning to come up later as my induction progressed. As we arrived at the hospital and given a room that contained a window that connects to the U's NICU. I was given a pill that would help soften my cervix and start me to contract. The nurse whose name was Pam and was a really nice lady told me that for most patients it would cause light cramping and I would be checked in four hours. That was at 10:20. Well the light cramping turned in to contractions fairly quickly. Which became much more painful when Pam asked me to lay on my right side because little A's heart rate dropped after each contraction. I knew I wanted an epidermal at some point and I was told right from the start that I could have it at anytime, but I waited.

I  remembered how painful getting the epidural was last time and I didn't feel the pain I was feeling was enough to have one yet. For the first four hours it was just Russ and me. My mom, and dad stayed at home at first becasue they had Connor with them. I didn't want them to come until I knew it wouldn't take to much longer. Anything to help keep Connor from getting to overally bored. After four hours of the pill and continually increased contractions I finally asked for an epidural. And yes it was as ad as I remembered from last time. After they finally got it in right.. felt like it took a half hour before they got the right spot I was finally feeling no pain, though my back still feels bruised from it. I called my parents to come on up once they started pit, because I knew once that was dded I would get a lot closer to giving birth to little A. They showed up and Connor automatically ran up to me and held my hand asked if I was in pain and then was going off on asking for a Doctor to come in and check on me. It was really cute.

It was around 5 at that time and we were all just talking about little things. I was moved to lay on my side which cause me to start feeling the contractions on the side I was not on. I just beared through tit trying not to show that I was in to much pain while Connor was in there. I really didn't want to scare him because I knew future events would b hard enough on him he didn't need to see me in tons of pain. Finally I had to interrupt the conversation we were all having because the last three contractions I felt like  I really needed to push and though I had not been checked for hours I knew it was time to go.

So two doctors and two nurses come rushing in check me and yup ten centimeters and they could already see his head. After I'm not kidding about 15 minutes of pushing Aiden was here (6:41pm). I heard him give out a small cry and they lifted him up and before I knew it he was passed through the open and window and was gone :/  That was not an easy moment I so desperately had wanted to hold him but did not get the chance.  I had second degree tearing and the stitching seemed to take longer then me pushing. I needed a lot of stitches and yes I am still sore from it.  They did briefly open the window were I could here my son screaming, best sound in the world at the moment, to learn that he was 7 pounds 23 ounces, 1 pound smaller then his bog brother.

After they finished cleaning and stitching me up I was moved to a special sectio of the maternity ward. One for mothers who could not have there babies with them. Finally at about 8:30 my son was wheeled into the room. He was in a special incubator used for life flights, so that all of his monitors could go with him. His feet and legs were a bit blue in color which i knew was a sign of a heart defect.

Connor didn't seem to notice nor care what his brother was in, he was just very happy to see him. After I touched my little Aiden the med team mentioned that his brother  could come up and see him and asked me about touching him I of course said yes and they opened a window so Connor could touch his feet.  Connor's second touch brought a small smile to Aiden's face. I did take pictures of the two brothers first moments together.

Unfortunately my camera came out a little fuzzy, but that's ok. My hubby left with the team as they took my sweat beautiful boy over to Primary's. I told my family after he left that they should go to because I was watching Connor and knew he was being pushed to his limits and really needed to be taken home.  After they left I turned on the TV and tried not to get to overally emotional (and yes I had and still am having emotional moments!) and decided to start pumping while I waited for my husband to come back.

After he came back we both tried to get some rest. I'll be honest rest did not come easy for me that night. I wanted to know how Aiden was but with it being as late as it was I knew there would be little answers until the morning. On Thursday I got over to Primarys via wheelchair as soon as I possibly could,. I did need to wait until my pain meds kicked in. but once there I felt instant relief as I looked at my boy.

When we first got there the nurse was not in there but it wasn't long before some one came in and I had what I had needed since the night before. he was in my arms and I was happy and instantly exhausted.

It was about ten minutes after we were there that the Cardiologist came in and confirmed the the fetal diagnosis. he does in fact have and only have Coarctation of the Aorta. That night I did loose it and cried for about an hour. I knew he needed to be were he was but I just wanted him in my arms once more. One of my day nurses who was just an awesome lady went over to see him and dropped off some of the milk er ok the pre milk I had pumped and she said when she came back that he just didn't look like he belonged there. Without knowing he had a heart defect you really would have thought he was perfectly healthy. His feet had pinked up, most likely because of the meds they have him on, but I ma thankful at how healthy he looks and with how big he is! His Hawaiian blood definitely shows with his weight :).

Now I did go on hold him again today before I was discharged  from the hospital and will be going back up tomorrow and every day after until he is home. It sounds like he will be having heart surgery on Tuesday. they are talking about going under his arm but last I heard they were not hundred percent sure. They were going to do another echo which I have called and asked about, last time I checked they had not consulted yet. I figure I will know much more information at my trip tomorrow. I will update more as son as I know more.


Rhianna said...

I'm so glad you wrote this up because I've been looking forward to hearing the whole story. I am so glad we live in the times we do so Aiden's condition can be treated so he will hopefully grow up to be a perfectly healthy little man. :)

What a rottenly long labor though! When I was induced with Arik it was four hours and then 20 minutes of pushing and hello new mommy.

It's funny the nurse said that because I was showing Adam the baby and we were talking about how good he looks. If it weren't for the tubes and such you'd never know by looking at him he was needing heart surgery.

I'm glad Connor got to see him and touch him. When we had Noa they weren't allowing anyone under 18 into the hospital as visitors ('cause of swine flu) so I went home from the hospital a day earlier than I was honestly ready for. I think I'm still trying to catch up sleep from having her. Ha!

Hope the pumping is going well. I had very little luck with Noa and she wouldn't take a bottle well. It's awesome you get to make sure Aiden's still getting your milk. Having breatfed both kids I can't imagine having to formula feed.

Well anyways, I'm glad he's doing well and that though you had a tough labor and the awful tearing (mine was pretty bad with Noa, thought my vag would never recover lol) you're well enough to be there on surgery day.

If you need anything you let me know okay? Even if it's just IMing or distraction of some kind. Hell, you can call me if you still have my #.

*big hugs*

Telisha Garris said...

I am so glad he is here and without any other birth issues.
How soon after the surgery do they think it will be before he can go home with you?
Please keep up with the photos & stories - I know your visits & visitors are limited, not to mention that it would not be in his best interest to have too many people and children around him, but I do want you to know that we would be there and can't wait to see him! (in person)

Love and hugs!

Heather said...

There saying 2 weeks and yeah kids in general is a no but I have been told I can take Connor in briefly so he can see his brother again! Which I'm taking advantage of. Connor needs to see him one more time before he has his surgery.

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

He is beautiful! Congratulations.

It sounds like you have a fabulous medical team looking after your little man.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.


Kerrigan said...

Congrats on your little man.Praying for a great surgery and recovery.Our son had his done when he was 12 weeks old.He was dx at 8 weeks old.
Take care.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great birth story, well done on the natural birth. He does look so healthy, a great weight too, not too big (not like my 10lber!) and not too small.
Keeping my fingers crossed the surgery goes well and he's soon home with you all.

ricketyjo said...

Congratulations Heather, I hope that you get more cuddles soon and that his operation goes well. Lots of love to you all.