Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sony reader

OK my ebook reader which I love to use but have only been reading the free books I can get at the store as of late just got a whole lot cooler. Not sure how long they have had this available but I can now check out books from the local library at home and download it to my ereadee. hey have an amount of time you can keep it. Only problem is i don;t have a library card anymore! But I am getting one! Most books I only end up reading once so being able to heck them out and download them to my reader would be great. Tired of the free books from the site because well most are not all that great. the last one I read was a first book of a 9 book serious i thought it would be good considering that many books have come out but it was terrible... I don't know why I finished it lol. I also love the google book feature it now has. Can get most of classic books from them for free.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My work

I realized that I talked a lot about my job but never about what I actually do at my job. Well I'll do a brief description now.

This is like the instrument I use now. We call it the Lachat. Uses lots of chemicals. It tests for Nh3, phenol, total phosphates, ortho-phosphates, cyanide, TKN(, chloride, nitrate, nitrite and hexachrome. Many have short holds. Wen sample comes in needs to be ran within 24-48 hours hence me working until 6.

I can also run the IC (Ion chromatography) as a back up. Its easier then the one I normally run.

Lastly I am now learning to run the ICP . Which tests for A LOT of different metals not going to name them all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't expect many posts from me for a while. I'm extra tired right now since training. Its not physically draining but it is very mentally draining. So much so it took me a minute staring at the screen to remember the word mental... I better go to bed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ok so I fixed the labels of this post and it now says it was posted on Sunday not Wendsday. Strange!

So today started out frustrating and the instrument I run was giving issues again and I knew I'd end up leaving a little late. it finally behaved was going to get out on time when my boss came by said she wanted to talk to me but would be a few minutes. 15 minutes later she came in and afford me to switch to a different instrument. No more working late until 6 on Fridays, no more dealing with a certain person cause she doesn't prep for that instrument and no more short holds.Instead daily rushes and different set up and it has of course has issues to and can and does go down from time to time. Big plus though would add to my resume AND, and this is the huge thing many other places higher for this instrument and pay more. So give me a few years learning it and getting good on it I could get a better job that pays more and has brace for it...a 401K! Yes it will be very very very stressful at first and I am a little nervous about it anything new can be intimidating but the long term benefits out way anything of the now.

And side not the frogs I think it is the water I'm boiling it and following what they said to do but doesn't seem to be enough think the water here is to tough on them :/.

Big project

I've been working on a big counted cross stitch project not even close to finishing it. It'll probably take me a year to do. below is a picture of a square I just finished. it took me a few weeks to do this one square and it has 28 squares.

And now here is the whole thing as of Friday. Before I had finished the above square. the other squares are not finished because I'm waiting to most of the back stitches until all of the cross stitching is done. Its a blanket.

Lastly I want to the Doll and Bear show yesterday with my mom. We use to go a lot but this is the first time I've gone since Connor was born. I kept telling myself that I'm just going to look but not buy! We'll we got there and I saw from a distance and Adora doll that I had wanted for the past ten years. One that my aunt Pam> I've teased her many times that if it disappeared she'd know where it ended up. Anyhow I didn't go look at the doll right off cause I know Adora dolls are 80 dollars and up. Not something I was going to spend. We looked a round for a bit there were a lot of old dolls which I've never been a big fan off. So we finally got to the one shop and I did a quick double take they had her marked as $35. Kept thinking they must have marked her wrong! No way would anyone sale a brand new Adora doll for that price. nope it was right and ok I admit she's sitting on my desk.

And yes there is another Adora doll sitting behind her. I admit these are my favorite dolls and the only ones I collect anymore. I Have 7. This is the first one I've bought since having Connor. these is one other I want really, really bad one Russ says he'll get me for Christmas or my birthday. Hope he follows through with that promise!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm getting ready to go to the Doll and Bear show so this will be short very short. I start training for the new instrument on Monday the big thins that sucks is yes I do not get a raise. There being really stingy there right now. I mean my friend is leaving and there not replacing her! And this is now the 4th person they have not replaced! Its going to get to a point that were going to have difficultly getting stuff out. Ok that's it just enjoy my silly photos for the day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Darn we bought two African dwarf frogs over the weekend and one already died! I love my kitties but I wanted some other type of low maintenance pet with them and well this isn't turning out well. We got two but there social and do not like being alone. I don't know though if I should bother buying another because of how fats the first one died. Luckily I found it when Connor was asleep and disposed of it before he saw. Hopefully he's young enough to forget that there were two frogs in there. we have only had them for three days!

Monday, May 9, 2011


So I get to work today and found out no one else from work went to the Tulip Festival. Its ironic that this was the first one that they did at work that Russ and I actually wanted to go to, but no one else did. No wonder I feel like an outsider at work I;m nothing like most of those people. They'd all rather go to a bar and hang out while I'd rather be outside at a garden. Oh well.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New program!

Ok so I was playing with my new program and this will be a lot of fun as soon as I get all of my other cross stitch project done. Which what I have is going to take a while! here is some screen caps of stuff I was playing with.

Now I just need to get my printer working oops!

Tulip Festival

We Went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving point Gardens yesterday and I must say it was very pretty. it was suppose to be a work activity to get to know others from work better. Well with 55 acres the only people Russ and myself so was the main boss. Which of everyone to see it'd be him! Anyways I'll post a few picks here which turned out well. I wanted to take more pictures but I was not to bright and forgot to charge my camera before going.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So I already know what I'm getting for Mother's day and I can't wait for it! Its a program that converts pictures to patterns for cross stitch. I am actually really enjoying cross stitch more and more, even though I can only do it occasionally. Working full time and having a two year old means I don't get to work on it often. Though I made something for my mom for her b-day. Boy was she surprised to get something I made. I'm not even closer to as talented as she is and I never will be but it was fun giving her something. I made. I didn't take a picture of it unfortunately.