Sunday, August 28, 2011


Ok saw the doctor on Friday and everything is doing well. mentioned how tired I am and he said its normal the second pregnancy. Cause first of older and second can't rest as much because have another little one to watch.

I had an ultrasound and got to see the heartbeat and saw the baby move. He said at this point only have a 5% chance of a miscarriage. So yes the appointment went well. Also new doctor my old one retired and both Russ and I really like him! So another good ting.

Now on a bad side note I got Connor's cold and atm have a slight fever ugh. And today can't rest much because were having Connor's 3rd birthday party today. I can't believe it tomorrow my little boy will be three years old. Who I hear was really cute on Friday when his daddy picked him up after work. We got to pictures from the US he showed it to Connor and he had to hold the two pictures in the car as they drove home. Kept saying there pictures of his baby sister. Yes he's still calling it baby sister. Well find out in 8 to 10 weeks what it is! And also found out that my due date is March 23rd.

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Rhianna said...

:D Awww has it really been 3 years? Wow time does fly. That is too precious, Arik did not want a sister but we made sure we took him to as many of the US as we could so he could be part of it.

Second pregnancy exhaustion is normal huh? I thought I was just lazy. :P I was soooo tired ALL the time. I guess it makes sense about being older and having another child to care for.

We've got Strep in the house right now and school starts Wednesday. Talk about bad luck. I'm just praying the baby doesn't get it.

Hang in there and get well soon! *hugs*