Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok so its been forever since I've posted, but its not the easiest of things to do when you have a two year old who like to play with your keyboard makes typing very intersting. As I wtite he is pushing buttons. And I'm pushing him away and hiting back space a lot lol. Hmm lets see whats new. Oh got Connor a toddler bed boy has that been interesting, he's fianlly starting to sleep until morning in it but getting him to sleep in it in the first place? Haven't had much luck there. He as of late falls asleep in my arms or in my bed I then take himand put him in his bed *sigh*. I figure eventually he'll be bakc to normal, I hope...maybe.

Ok got Connor watching the muppets so no longer having double typing hehe. Hmm not kuch else is going on just excited for next weekend. its been forevere and a day siince we've gone to the theaters and next sunday off to See harry Potter. I can't wait!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Work isn't getting better had a coworker go on that I was unprofessional for going to my boss about my problems with my other co-worker and somehow dealt with it myself. How the hell would I do that???? She has a trust issue talking won't solve it I've been trying for some time to solve it, it won't work. Even when I provide her with the truth she believes its not. So how can I resolve anything with a person like that? So now this together co-worker is making things uncomfortable and he seems to be blaming me for my boss being fired. All I want to do is my damn job and go home, but they seem to want to make my day hellish.

Friday, August 20, 2010


What an awful weak this was. I'm not going to go into full details its all work related and not a big fan of saying to much ion the net when its work related. all I will say is started out by someone who has a tendency when something goes wrong flies of and starts accusing that someone else is intentionally doing it to make her look bad and usually she says its me. For those who really know me should at least have some idea that I couldn't do that! I never want to do anything that can have big negative effect on another person. I would literally have anxiety attack after attack. So yes its hard trying to do your job and having someone scream at you that your sabotaging her. The strange thing in all of this is I don't hate her I feel... sorry for her. Must have had some really bad experinces in your past that you have this must trouble trusting anyone.

Anyways my boss gets let go today for I dunno why heard rumors but thats jsut uit rumors. part of it dealing with above problem saying he could not manage his peopel. i don't knwo this whole thing is frustraing na dI keep worrying myself wondering if i could have done something differently to have changed all of this? :/

Just gald I ahve something fun to do tomorrow my cousin Angie is getting married and her birdal shower is tomorrow I need some of my crazy aunts to get me in a better mood!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clash of the Titans

I haven't written in this for a bit just been busy with work and life. That and I really haven't had anything exciting happened the past while just the same old normal day to day routine. I also have not watched any new movies as of late finally sat down and watched one, well kind of sat down and watched one found better things to do then watch it. Anyways it was the new version of Clash of the Titans. Figured it would be fun to write down what I thought of it. Though trying to think of anything positive about the movie will be difficult.

Ok first of I am really getting sick and tired of movies that go overboard with CGI. The story gets lost and all you see is flashy special effects that just want to scream out look what we can do! And when I say flashy I mean flashy the Zues was literally flashy all the time, looked really strange. the monsters where a bit over the top CGI to I mean the kraken you could not even tell the shape of it half the time. It was as if they were half assed about it . Hey lets do really, really big close ups of Perseus fighting the Kraken because the lower body we never designed! All you could see was a small part of body and tentacles flying all about. probably was for he 3D effect which is worthless once its out of theaters. And ok sometimes worthless in theaters. I'll admit I'm not ha big 3D fan. the main tricks they do on it are so silly. Lets throw something at you kind of thing. It was cute the first hundred times but enough is enough. The worst part is, it does not translate well once released to DVD those parts look stupid (Parts of Monsters Vs. Aliens drove me nuts because of that).

Ok back to the movie. The story was muddles and skippy. Felt like they just wanted to show cool creatures that they made instead of having an actually storyline. For me to like a movie it absolutely needs a storyline and decently developed characters. If it doesn't have that then its a no go. Also this has Greek mythology in it is it that hard to stick to it? i mean really. When was Medusa ever in the underworld, she always lived on an island. I know its a small thing but it bugs me. not as bad as pegasus though. I'll admit I couldn't stand the idea that they made a Pegasus black. Maybe its silly but I love mythological horses and changing them drives me up the wall. Now my husband did keep teasing me about this one saying you racisit and what a brother can't have a part in the movie :p. I did have hubby laughing because each time the pegasus was on screen I kept saying stupid horse.

I really can not find anything about this movie that I liked even the main character bugged me. Sam Worthington does not fit the part of a ancient Greek eh didn't even have the right hair cut. Greeks had long hair not buzz cuts! He wasn't a Roman. *Deep breath* ok I'm done. I'll just say I'd give this movie 1 out of 5 stars just because only really, really specially bad movies get 0 stars from me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Darn was trying to add pictures to this thing and I really haven't gone and used my adobe photoshop for a long time. At one time I know it backwards and forwards what buttons to hit to get effects well, tonight I tried and couldn't remember anything. Didn't help I had a child climbing constantly on my chair and back while I tried to work on images. I'm going to need to work on it later after boogie is asleep and I'm not half dead tired. Hmmm that may be ummm never! Well if I ever get around to it I do hope to get something else up on here. I used to use that program so often and now can't even remember how to desaturate a bloody layer.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I suck at this!

Ok so I figured with a three day weekend I will try to stay of my feet as much as possible. Have I been? Of course nor! I just cant do it! Staying of of my feet is hard I keep thinking I need to do this and this and and and and... Oh boy. And my hubby is getting annoyed wit me he's trying to do some of the stuff to keep me off my feet but do I ask for help? Course not I just do it and get yelled at afterwards. Oh well I guess I'm just stubborn when it coms to these things.

Ok I'm tired so of to bed just one last thing.

I want that shirt! Would be so much fun to wear to work. But not spending that much on a shirt that is bound to end up ruined bcause of the chemicals I work with heh.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eat Eat Eat Nanas

Little boogie boy can really crack me up at times. Just yesterday at dinner he took his sippy cup stuck it on his head and said hat!Well at least he knows what a hat is used for right? better then the other thing he used a while back an banana. Boy that was messy.

Oh and mentioning bananas that another new thing he is doing he likes the song, among many songs, the song I love to eat eat eat apples and bananas. well the other day while we were at Wal Mart out of nowhere he stated signing it though it came out as Eat Eat Eat Nanas. he loves music and his favorite toys is a ukulele, harmonica and toy piano.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Honk if you like Dinosaurs

After work did my usual routine and went over to my Mom's house to pick up boogie. He can be such a little tease at times. Every time I come to pick him up he runs to me then stops smiles turns and runs off and I have to go catch him. Silly little boy. well once I caught him my mom noticed the neighbor kids had a sign up that read Honk if you like Dinosaurs. can tell the kids are getting bored with summer vacation! Anyways can't wait for Friday get a three day weekend only sucky part is that means Thursday I have to work until 6 which sucks. July in general sucks work wise. its are slowest month and it takes everything in me to keep busy or at least appear to keep busy. And now on top of it all I'm trying to decrease the amount of time that I am on my feet during the day its not going well.

The main no nos for this inconvenient foot problem I have is hard not to do. One is avoid hard surfaces. Right well can't do that. Work is one whole hard surface. I'm also not suppose to exercise until it heals. which right now the main exercise I'm getting is chasing Connor about the house which I like doing. Oh well.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Been So Long

I haven't written in a blog for a very long time. I felt with my crazy life with moments of life just whipping by I needed to write some of it down. My little boy is almost 2 years old now. how that happened I do not know and I've heard how hard it is to remember some of the stuff about them when they are little so I want to write it down. So here goes.

Yesterday we went to the zoo, ignoring my Dr.'s orders to stay off my feet due to my swollen heels. Yes they hurt, but I cant stop living. I'm going to try other things to get them healed just staying of my feet isn't that realistic.

Anyway back to the zoo. Overall it was fun though I am never, ever, ever going back in July. It was way to hot. We took Connor on the carousel and train both of which he seemed to have fun. we didn't see all of the animals it was like I said to hot and my hubby who is on new medication is getting some not to great side effects and with the heat was miserable. I do have to say one thing the Zoo needs more animals! When I was little we always said we were going to go see the lions and tigers and bears oh my! Well that line does not work now, they have no lions or bears :/. now in two years they will have a brand new section with specially since polar bears, sea lions, otters and bald eagles. Which will be great. I must admit when I saw we will have sea otters I got giddy. I've always loved sea otters but until that time they are missing a big section. Only thing is its going to be who knows how long until we get lions again which sucks. I guess if I want to see lions I can always drive down to Las Vegas and go to the MGM.

Well that's all I have to say really I have a little boy who is getting upset because he wants to play with the keyboard and I'm not letting him. Terrible twos here we come!