Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finshed blanket

OK I don't have a picture yet of the whole thing done but I took a bunch of the animals, because they are the best parts of the blanket hope you all like them!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Waiting game begins

So I finally got an appointment for the echo. My OBGYN called and asked if Primary had called me yet, after I said now they called them and got me an appointment for me. Which is more then fine by me. I wanted I was getting really frustrated at the lack of someone calling me. Now the new annoyance. They were booked until Mid January! I won't be able to go in until January 20th, which *sigh* talk about frustrating. Now I know its not something that will not effect my little Aiden right now, the heart defect that he may or may not have will be something to deal with once he gets here. I just... I want to know. This not knowing if he has it or not is not easy. I'm trying not to think about it to much. I am doing my best to keep busy at work, which is hard we've slowed down. And any down time for me means me thinking way more then I should *sigh*. Anyways Christmas was good and I have pictures just haven't downloaded any to my comp, feel to overwhelmed with other stuff to get around to it.

Also I finished my blanket and Christmas eve and I know I need to take pictures of it to I just I dunno just not up to doing all that right now, just sounds and feels like a lot of work, that i don't want to do right now. My motivation for it is near zero. Oh well I'll get around to it eventually.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let it be ok

Right now I am on edge, been crying and just well freaked out. So I had my US at 20 weeks and all they said at the time that my little guy was positioned strangely and that they did not get a great view of the heart. So they had me do another today. Again he was in a strange position, hes facing towards my stomach (and breach), which helps explain why his kicks feel so soft. Anyways what they saw was the same as last time and apparently what they think there seeing is extra growth in the atrium of his heart. So they know want me to do an echogram which will give a clear picture of his heart and will tell for sure if that is happening.
I did feel like everything went a bit blurry at that point, because my Doc started explaining what could happen if that is the case. Right now my LO is fine, he measured at exactly 27 weeks, due date March22, my original is 23, so no problems there. Its after hes born that there could be problems. He said it could repair itself but if not could require heart surgery and he said some people who have it do live normal lives but can have heart problems. I'm just scared right now and just waiting for them to call me to set up the appointment at the best children Hospital in the state. My guess is they won't be calling me until after Christmas.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I really am sucking at updating! Of course this time of the year I have less time to update so very busy. Thanksgiving went well. Loved seeing how Connor was with my cousin's babies gave me hop to how he'll be when his little brother comes around!. I've been really slow at working on the blanket, got a bit more done just no pictures. Hmmm lets see what else. Well last week we went to the Festival of Trees, I love going to it every year and really feel its for a great cause. All the proceeds go to the Children's hospital.

Only heard one thing that I am still beyond disgusted about. A girl I use to work with found this guys wallet that had 270 dollars in it. She left her contact information so the guy can get into contact with her so she can return his wallet. Well he called the cops and  is claiming that 500 dollars is missing and claiming that yes she stole it.. the one who was trying to be a good person and tried to return a lost wallet! well now she has a court date and has to defended herself that she did NOT steal the money. I mean who would steal money from a wallet and then leave contact information for it! AND how does the guy even have proof that he had that much money in it? Just goes to show why less people are doing good deeds for others, its has a tendency to bite you in the ass anymore.We had plans to go the Hogle zoo tonight for the zoo lights but Connor is getting over a cold hubby has the cold full blown and I may have it, its either that are our crappy air.

Guess the only update for cross stitching is a pattern I just finished making for a pattern. Here it is below. hope it turns out never used my own pattern before!