Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy new year

New year was never something I celebrated but this year? I am hoping for a much leas stressful year! Yes Aiden was worth it all but I hope all the big stuff is done with his heart. We will not know for a while though. I . called to make a cardiology appointment and there was only one day available in March. It was on his first birthday. We have been wait listed and . may not be getting in until April.

I did this for several reasons first I didn't want him to be sedated on his birthday!Also my in laws should hopefully be here for his birthday. They were supposed to be here for Christmas but got very sick and couldn't come. My mother-in-law ended up being hospitalized for Christmas. She is home now. I really hope they make it for his birthday .This is the third trip that they had to cancel due to sickness.

Side note I hope this post works I am writing it on my new kindle fire :).

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Its OK!

I was looking at the post I made one year ago today: let it be ok . I remember that day oh so well. It was the day I was told there might be something wrong with my unborn babies heart. The part I remember the most is waiting in the waiting room for the nurse to call me back and talk with my Doctor. I was scared and crying in the waiting room. I probably scared a lot of other expecting mom's that day. Think the thing that bothered me the most at that time was the unknown territory I was about to adventure in. Was there a problem with his heart or where they seeing something that wasn't there? Of course we now know there was and I would learn more about his heart a month later and all of what we would en devour after.

All I want to tell that scared girl in the waiting room that yes he won't be the perfectly healthy baby that everyone dreams about. But that's ok! because he's ok heck he's perfect! well his heart still isn't but that's ok he's a wonderful little guy whose little hands go cray every time he sees you showing how much he wants you to hold him and play with him! What a differnce a year makes.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Connorisms part 2

  • Get your hands out of the potty!
  •  After listening to Aiden cry because he had his shots Connor goes "We need to call the Doctors so they can tell Aiden sorry."
  • To any minor problem: "I'm sorry mommy!"
  • "Talk to me zombie. Mommy he needs to talk." 
  •  I put aiden down he started crying Connor looked at me grunted and said " Mommy pick up your baby he's crying!"
  • Me trying to get Connor to brush his teeth "Hunny you need to brush your teeth or they'll fall out." Connor "But Mommy I want them to fall out so I can put it in a bag and the tooth fairy will come and bring money." 
  • At a party yelling as loud as he could "Everybody! Look over here!"
  • Opening the door to each person coming to the house for said party " Welcome to the Christmas party!".
  • Woman at the store sees I'm trying to exit the isle and not so subtly pushes her cart so that it blocks the exit Connor looks at her and then the baby in the cart and exclaims" You forgot you baby!"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Basketball and doctor appointment

 First off I took Aiden in for his 9 month wellness check up. He gained 4 ounces in a week, which for him is really good. I was happy with it! He continues to gain just slowly.  Now he just needs to want to be mobile. I put him down one place and move away and instead of trying to come to me he seems content being were he is at and so doesn't try to move.
I wanted to mention something that happened last week just never got around to it. Last week the owner of my work had a meeting, something I didn't remember him ever doing. Usually the end of the year meeting is held by the big boss. Anyways he goes in front of us all and starts talking about Aiden. He was going on about how he could not imagine dealing with what we dealt with. he mentioned that when his son was little he got really sick for 2 days and had a hard time. he got really emotional this part basically to tears. he then grabbed a bag and pulled out a basketball and Utah Jazz jersey and gave it to us saying that he knows he can;t us it now but he WILL be using it in the future. I was so touched by his gesture and wanted to take some pictures of Aiden with the ball and jersey they turned out so cute even with my cat sneaking in to the background. Have I ever mentioned my cat likes babies? He's a silly cat.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


OK so I really needed to do an update for a while now just haven't gotten around to it! Overall were all doing well. The stomach bug we had last week sucked! Aiden didn't keep any milk down for eh first 24 hours only pedilyte. I tried to give it to him via sippy cup and not surprisingly he didn't like using it. Kept gagging. I figured anything but the one bottle he will take will take a long time for him to use.
he spent the next few days throwing up a few times a day. I really hope he this didn't effect him to much weight wise we will find out Monday when he has his first synagis shot.Learned more about the shot it is in fact antibodies. They don't stop the cold from happening git just helps them fight it.

Last week I put Aiden into an outfit that Connor wore when he was 2 and a half months old thought I could show how little Aiden really is.

Connor with Santa

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Festival of trees part 2

Sorry lacking in posts haven't been up for it as of late. Had a bad stomach bug last week that keeps reappearing from time to time with all of us, boys included. Yup it's Aiden's first cold. No fun at all! We did go to the Festival of trees on Saturday. They sold all of the trees, wreaths and quilts! Such a great cause :).
My boys and the tree I helped with :).