Saturday, October 29, 2011


Had a disappointment today took my little man to the Utah Olympic Oval which was suppose to have trick or treats. Got him all dressed up was standing in line and apparently the vendor who was suppose to do it didn't show up so it was canceled. Well we had to go back to the car with a confused and unhappy kid who was crying the whole way home :/. We do have stuff to do Monday but still hard to explain to him what happened.

At least  I was able to take pictures of my little pirate in his  costume made by my mom!


Sorry I haven't been updating! To tired. I've already accumulated 15 hours of overtime the last two weeks so that plus 19 weeks pregnant its very tiring. haven't done much on my blanket do not think I will get a ton done today on it either, need to start getting my house in order.

I did go to the Doctors last Monday they did an Ultrasound using one that isn't as clear as the other machine they sue for the big ultra sound. the baby's legs were crossed but he believed the baby is a boy we shall see if he;s right the next ultrasound will hopefully give clearer picture. Admittingly part of me is dissapointed but I'll get over it. I did want to have a girl were I could buy her My Little Ponies and dolls and what not. But that probably will not happen now because after this one I'm done.  I can't do this a third time.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


So works gotten crazier and suddenly find out in-laws coming out Nov 7-11 my house seriously in no condition for visitors been to tired AND I won't even be able to spend much time with them, its Monday through Friday... hello working all that week I can't take time off saving all vacation for maternity leave, because I can't take none payed time off... I have something called a mortgage :/. And there is no way in hell going to clean tonight done OT last few days, today included and I just need to sit right now!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas card!

I know I've already posted today, BUT I finished the Christmas card and wanted to post it :). I haven't taped it in there yet just set it, wanted to see what it looked like. Overall I'm happy with it.

Sunday update

Yay another square done! I love the butterflies on the blanket and there are only 2! Anyways here it is finished :)/.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My cute neice

This is my neice who has been really sick as of late isn't she just a little cutie? This was taken by her mom before she went in to have her colonoscopy.  So glad they did it because turns out if they hadn't within a week or two she may not have been with us anymore :/. But thanks to modern medicine she will be fine!

So here's what happened they get her in and the doctor starts scoping her but doesn't go far...looks shocked takes out the scope quickly in tells my SIL that they need to do surgery on her right now. thankfully  she was already under and did not need anymore prep work so she consents and a huge polyp  is removed.  turns out what they had thought was her intestines that she had pushed out when trying to go potty one time was in fact the polyp.

It was so big that it was blocking waste from leaving her body if they had waited to long to find and remove it the waste could have ended up in her stomach which would have killed her.  This also explains why she had not been eating nor drinking well. The polyp (which can also turn cancerous) has been removed and she is now recovering.

 Also just learned as in while I was writing this  how a little girl this young could form a polyp this big. If the mother is physically abused while pregnant these can form from stress. now I should say my SIL was not abused but she was also not the one carrying her. She is adopted my SIL can not have children and was given this girl from well her sister in law who was abused. Important thing is she's fine and in a loving home,. just wish I could giver her a huge, but Hawaii is so far away.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Survey...The A, B, C's of Me!

A. Age: 31
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: Washing dishes.
D. Dogs: None.

E. Essential start to your day: Yogurt.

F. Favorite color: Blue
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: 5'8"
I. Instruments you play: None.
J. Job title: Lab technician.
K. Kids: one 3 year old boy and another on the way!

L. Live: Utah
M. Mother’s name: Kathy
N. Nicknames: ummm...Mommy... as a kid feather *roll eyes*

O. Overnight hospital stays: after giving birth to my son stayed in hospital a few days.
P. Pet peeves: people looking over my shoulder/
Q. Quote from a movie: Whoa, lady, I only speak two languages, English and bad English.
R. Right or left handed: right. 
S. Siblings: One younger brother.
T. Truth or Dare: I guess truth
U. Ultimate Vacation: anywhere with my family, though would love  take my kids to Disney World, though that it's be years from now!
V. Vegetable you hate: cauliflower
W. What makes you run late: My son.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Two one on my ankle another on my wrist.
Y. Yummy food that you make: ummm made a spinach, artichoke dip that turned out well.
Z. Zoo animal: tiger

Sunday, October 9, 2011

6 to go!

Getting closer to getting to the back stitching of my blanket! Yay! Admittingly these are slightly photoshoped the camera keeps dulling out the color so I fixed it so it is more true to the color of the stitching on the blanket.

I am occasionally working on one other project atm, a Christmas card. My mom every year makes all of her Christmas cards and sends them out to family. I wan to surprise her by sending a handmade eon from me back to her. :) My goal is to have it done before Thanksgiving which wont' be hard!

Its a big work in progress atm.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I suck at titles

OK going to try to do a quick update I'll see how it goes my little boy keeps fighting for the computer it makes posting.. interesting. Anyways  figured I mention some updates. I mentioned a while back that my sister in law was getting checked for cancer , well test results are back and shes cancer free :D. Now onto my niece they are still doing test and the little one and they do not know what is exactly wrong with her yet. Next week she goes in for colonoscopy. Hopefully this one will give the doctors some idea of wahts going on! Can only hope.

Talking about medical stuff hubby went in week and a half ago for ultrasound of his heart. His BP was high and they suspected he might have a slightly swollen heart. They have yet to call back with any results. But his BP is back to normal.

Work will; be interesting tomorrow not looking forward to it.  There trying to get ISO certified and this is a preliminary audit. Some aspects I'm hearing about is going to make things close to impossible to do.  One thing is we have to stay dust free, really hard due to our neighbors, a place that makes mulch. Lets just say I cleaned everything yesterday and new layer of dust today, and  I mean visible layer of dust! As a coworker stated for this to work we'd have to move the lab!

Well that's about it really. Can't think of any other big updates... oh wait one last thing. My cousin who is very pregnant goes into tomorrow night to be induced she should have her baby girl on Thursday. I imagine she's re leaved, cause she has gestational diabetes and been on a strict diet of mainly cheese and meat no carbs... ouch.