Thursday, February 21, 2013

The little things

Its been rough in the heart world to many little ones loosing there battles has put me into  a bad mood. Other stuff has not helped either.  Today I got another  reminder on  how big the heart world really is.  I was talking  to a guy who was borrowing some bench space. I mentioned Aiden and his heart defects. Well his daughter had the SAME defects! And she was currently working on getting in to  school! Small world huh?

Aiden really helped make my day better. After work I went to pick up my boys from my mom's house as I came into the house  Aiden was standing and holding onto the couch. I didn't go and pick him up because he loves to stand right now. He saw me got down crawled over to me sat down n front of me and lifted both hands.His little hands moving like crazy. They always do when he gets excited. I picked him up  he  started laughing he as so excited that he had come over to me. First time he has done that it was so very cute!

Lastly still no cardio appointment! Getting frustrated with it!

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Telisha Garris said...

I can understand getting frustrated with the appointment person I would want to smack her as well!

Love that he came for you! Those are the moments that just melt your heart!
Glad that your boy is doing so well!