Friday, June 14, 2013


Sorry go for the late update been busy. Took little A to the ENT last week and after having his neck checked we learned that the bump and hole on his neck is a birth defect. This will need to be repaired surgically since the hole leaks. They do not want to fix it until after his heart is fixed so they want to see us in October or November. Not sure how  I feel about it. Not thrilled  at the idea of two more surgeries but they do not want to risk infection
 They also said that this birth defect and his heart defects could be genetically linked. But he didn't remember the link. Anyways thats about it.


Kerrigan said...

Aaw, sorry he has to go through more surgeries. Where is the hole that he has?

Heather said...

It's on the right side of his neck and on his left is a small bump.

Kerrigan said...

Oh shame. Hoping both surgeries go well.