Saturday, July 20, 2013

The good stuff

We are all feeling better! A is eating up a storm never seen him eat so much I am hopeful the weight he lost due to this stomach bug will be put back on on soon.  He goes back in at the beginning of August for another weight check we will see then on his well he is doing.  He has finally out grown his size 2 shoes and is now wearing size 3.

This is A drinking pediasure AFTER eating half a tin of cheese crunches, a third of a pancake and 10 yogurt melts!!! Seriously crazy appetite!  He has started saying hi to people and waving. Like to pretend to talk on my phone saying hi a lot and is starting to take some steps about five at a time without any help! He is also getting in one of his molars! Lastly with his surgery looming hubby and I have decided to start a quarantine of sorts. No going to places with lots of people until his heart is fixed. Colds are just yo hard on him right now.

Big brother is doing well also. He is turning five at the end of next month. Where did the time go? Few weeks ago he took cards that had the alphabet and put them order all by himself. He only had two letters switched and he figured out which ones were wrong by himself! Yay Connor. He is such a great big brother, he helps feed him and his likes to buckle him in his car seat (while mommy watches).

Was worried about one thing and thankfully it was an easier fix then we thought! My car's air conditioner stopped working in July of all months and we have been in the hundreds! Who ever had the kids got the car with air conditioning. I took it in this morning to get emissions and had the filter replaced at the same time. It was horribly clogged! Where we work next door is a place that makes fertilizer and it looks like their crap clogged the filter! But hey guess what worked when I got in the car? The air conditioning was an easy fix! :)

Well that's about all I can think if hope everyone is having a good summer even with the extreme heat.

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