Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween and the Dentist

Halloween ended up being very busy but fun. C loves Halloween and the two of us did a lot of walking. After I forbidding work we went to a local shopping district which has trick or treating for two hours. The two of us walked around  for an hour. A is still pretty young so I left him back at Grandma's. After that we headed back to Grandma's. C showed me his jello worm brain that he helped grandma make. 

We next went  around the neighborhood. A came  with us for this outing. I was amazed at how much candy people were giving A! I mainly brought the bag because  big brother insisted an  Yeah he got a lot more candy then I would have ever had imagined!

We had a good weekend though C decided to spend it pushing all of my buttons! There are times when this kid simply will not listen to me very frustrating. He spent a lot of time in time out. I was worried with how he was this.weekend because today he had a dentist appointment and has never been good with it! Well it is still one thing I need to learn is to never predict how he is going to be because he was awesome finally! In the past he would only ever let them count  his teeth. This time? He let them take x-rays, clean his teeth, floss an  even brush fluoride on them. So nice to see him cooperating!!!

And A? He is doing well he goes in Monday for a week a weight check. He is also going to be getting the very expensive shots again this internal once again I know where our tax return is going again. Maybe 2015 we will have less in medical bills and will finally be able to use the money for him  improvements? Will see.

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