Saturday, January 11, 2014


Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much has been going on. A is doing well he is growing yay! Still just on pediasure. We tried to decrease the amount he was drinking but that month he did not gain any weight so back to just it, no milk. He is up to 21pounds and 7 ounces.  Saying a few more words but is still much more explicit with his hands over his voice. I know he understands just doesn't say much.

He has a cardiology appointment in February. Hopefully they are happy with his progress and with his heart and growth. Because sometime this spring or summer he will need to have another operation. Can't hold this one of forever. The small hole  in his neck has started to leak more and its pretty yucky. But can't deal with it until he is all cleared by cardiology. So waiting game on that. We see the eye doctor in a few weeks feel confident about that appointment.

Let see we have not done much since my last post in November, since he is on synergis once again we Hhave not been going out much. The bugs around here are really bad quiet a few heart kids have been hospitalized due to the bugs. I  one of those mom's who goes overboard in wiping down the cart before he goes in there.

A has a new behavioral thing that is driving  this mom crazy! If I leave him for too long he cries so much he throws up.. and  does it often. Just what you want a kid who is way behind in growth to do *face palm*. That has been just a little bit stressful ok more then little. Gotten  to the point  that going to the bathroom or taking a shower is stressful . The pediatrician'  idea to help stop it so did not work! Said to make  him sit in it for a bit before cleaning  him up. Yeah well he just plays with it and makes an even BIGGER mess. Now everytime he starts crying big brother goes running from the room yelling I don't want smell the throw up! Funny thing it usually strawberry pediasure so it doesn't smell that bad. Though hate to think how big he would be if he was not doing this meh. Hope he stops this soon for all of our sanity. Has made bedtime oh so fun.

Well that's about it just going to end this with  pictures.

Shows how small he is.

Signing at the restaurant after Christmas.

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Piper AndTheKids said...

Izzy was having a really hard time separating from me--she sees a psychologist now and it has really helped. Her official diagnosis was anxiety caused by medical trauma.