Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok so its been forever since I've posted, but its not the easiest of things to do when you have a two year old who like to play with your keyboard makes typing very intersting. As I wtite he is pushing buttons. And I'm pushing him away and hiting back space a lot lol. Hmm lets see whats new. Oh got Connor a toddler bed boy has that been interesting, he's fianlly starting to sleep until morning in it but getting him to sleep in it in the first place? Haven't had much luck there. He as of late falls asleep in my arms or in my bed I then take himand put him in his bed *sigh*. I figure eventually he'll be bakc to normal, I hope...maybe.

Ok got Connor watching the muppets so no longer having double typing hehe. Hmm not kuch else is going on just excited for next weekend. its been forevere and a day siince we've gone to the theaters and next sunday off to See harry Potter. I can't wait!


Blessed Rain said...

We are going Tuesday morning! Can't wait to see HP7 p1! Yay! Is work getting any better? I really hope so.
The house is doing much better and hopefully we will be having an open house soon!

Dawn Marie said...

We need to have you over when I come into town! I haven't seen Connor in person yet, and he's getting so big!
Have fun at the movie, I'm not sure when I'll be able to see it, but hopefully soon.