Monday, August 23, 2010


Work isn't getting better had a coworker go on that I was unprofessional for going to my boss about my problems with my other co-worker and somehow dealt with it myself. How the hell would I do that???? She has a trust issue talking won't solve it I've been trying for some time to solve it, it won't work. Even when I provide her with the truth she believes its not. So how can I resolve anything with a person like that? So now this together co-worker is making things uncomfortable and he seems to be blaming me for my boss being fired. All I want to do is my damn job and go home, but they seem to want to make my day hellish.


Blessed Rain said...

I say this is the time that you need to sit down with HR not your boss.
Hostile work environments are not to be tolerated and I am sure they do not want to lose a faithful employee like you.

Also on the safe side I would start to sharpen and fine tune your resume and see what job offers you can get in the meantime.

ps. sorry that you started craving chocolate although after a day like yours I don't doubt it!

Heather said...

The bad thing is we don't HAVE an HR person and I have been looking but there is nothing right now but I'm going to keep looking.

Blessed Rain said...

That just sucks! Hope you find something soon!

Dawn Marie said...

It sounds like a lot of drama at your work. I never would have thought that anyone would have an issue working with you. You are the most easy going laid back, willing to work with anybody personality. I'm so sorry they are being like this.

Blessed Rain said...

have you thought of working in police labs? Government sector or hospitals?
Good luck!
How cool would it be if you got a job with the FBI?