Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthdays, babies and other things

Wow so much has happened the last week were to begin. First off I'm writing this early in the morning woke up couldn't fall back asleep thought I'd post then try to go back and sleep.

Ok first off Connor's birthday was last Monday. I can't believe my little boy is three years old! The party went well it was all pirates which was what he wanted. he picked out the plates and cups and asked for pirate balloons and pirate cupcake cake.

With the help of my sister in law who made the cup cake holders and the tooth pick swords and pirate flags I think it came out well. we also had some that had what looked to be treasure chests. :)

OK on to Wednesday. Mandie my cousin who was very pregnant was induced into labor. After several hours the baby had not turned and though they tried to turn i... I've heard that's incredibly painful, were unable to. they ended up doing a c-section. And we now have a new member in our family! A nine pound healthy boy. I have not been able to see him yet. everyone went up Wednesday evening, but since I was not yet over my cold I stayed away. Cold and new born does not mix. So instead I was sent pictures :).

Now on to my family in Hawaii there are two there who have been heavy on my mind. First my sister in law, the same one who sent stuff up for Connor's pirate cupcake cake.

That's her holding my niece Erin.. the other one I've been worried about. OK so back to my sister in law she has had a goiter in her neck since she was 10 it has recently gotten bigger and on Tuesday I biopsy was performed to see if it is cancerous or not. We are now just waiting for the results and hoping everything tuns out fine!

Now on to my niece every time I think about this it just... oh man it shard to explain my emotions on this on.. mortified maybe? Anyways guess I should explain. Last week her mom was changing her diaper and found blood a lot of blood and like a bubble coming out of her butt. they took her to the hospital the bubble was her intestines some how during a bowel movement she had pushed out her intestines. The doctors pushed it back in but I believe the next day it happened again they went back to the hospital and now she may have to have surgery. Won;t know yet they are taking er to see a specialist and the appointment is not until the 8th. So won't know anything until then.but yes the whole thing has freaked me out.. I just can't imagine something like that poor little one, shes not even 2 yet :/.

Oh! And Connor had his three year check up and Wednesday.. a lot happened that day. All came out well he is now 35 pounds and 39.2 inches tall! Boy is he getting big!

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