Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sorry took so long to update!

Boy has it been an interesting few weeks. Works been.. well not the greatest to say the least. I could go into a whole thing about it, but wanted to do it in a non public post but do not know if you can do that on blogger.  So I;ll just leave it there for now. I had my big ultrasound  two weeks ago and yes I am definitely having another boy. we've agreed on the name Aiden, middle name to will be Hawaiian like other son, whose middle name means watcher of the winds.

The In laws have come and gone and it went well. I didn't get top see much of them I had tow work those days with OT, just to get an idea I had 20 hours of overtime on my last paycheck, which is not an easy thing to do when you are 20 weeks pregnant at the time!

My son had a lot of fun kept calling his cousins' his friends so cute.

Week from last Thursday was having a lot of pain in guess you would say upper inner thighs. Anyways I called my doctor about it cause yeah. They had pee in a cup and they did a urine culture. After waiting until Monday hurting the whole time they found a trace of something so put me on medicine. I am feeling better now though I still hurt a little at times. My next Doctor appointment is Monday so I will be talking to him about it then.

lastly admit-tingly part of the reason I did not post last week another thing I love doing playing MMORPGs kind of took up my weekend yeah... I got an invite to Star Wars Old Republic so was busty doing that trying to help it keep my mind off the fact I was hurting.


Topcho said...

Congratulations on the baby boy :))) You chose a beautiful name! Stay healthy and take care!

Rhianna said...

Ah! I hate you! :P Adam got invited to the first beta and every one since and I have yet to get invited. :( Did you have fun? Was it really laggy and buggy? It was so awful during the first beta when Adam let me have a turn. I honestly don't think we'll be playing it.

Another boy... you're gonna be outnumbered! lol But that'll be great for Connor. If kids didn't require so much money to raise and pregnancy wasn't utter hell for me I'd like to have another baby girl so Noa wouldn't be growing up pretty much alone.

Yeah blogger doesn't have a private setting which is what makes it more of a blog and less or a journal. Makes sense I guess. I've had some days recently where I almost popped up my deader-than-dead LJ just to vent.

Bummer to hear you've had an infection or something. Did they test you for gestational diabetes yet? That was the worst. Then finding out I was one of the 4% who get it with Noa made the last few months of pregnancy pretty miserable. I got soooooo huge. I've only just gotten back into the pre-Noa jeans as of August and she just turned 2 a month ago.

Been missing you and K and geeking out writing RP posts so much lately. I feel like all I do is read and write for my blogs. Which is fun in a way but work at the same time. I'd love to just sit down and write up something just for the fun of it.

Speaking of blogs... I'm supposed to be writing something and should probably get back to it. lol *hugs* and *tackle hugs* for K. Miss you guys! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

I had a lot of fun with the beta of it was a little laggy but not that bad and most of the bugs were be honest wish i could be playing it right now! I really liked it and I've got an invite to the next beta for next weekend, which they are trying to get a lot of people in it so you may get an invite for that one!

They haven't tested for gestational diabetes yet do not remember when they do it, imagine its soon.

I haven't done much of anything as of late to tired, I do miss RPing with you all though!