Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blanket closer to getting done!

I woke up at about 5:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep so I'm on here making an update. First of Happy Thanksgiving and yay 4 day weekend for me! Boy do I NEED that. Well I went to my Doctor n Monday, everything seemed fine, though I have to go back in for another Ultrasound in a month. Apparently my little guy was not cooperative when it came for them to check the heart they couldn't get a good look at it and so want me to go back in so they can get a better view. Now what they had a clear view of looks great. Also I am at 22 weeks and have YET to gain a single pound, wow. Now my Doctor has said nothing about that fact and so it must be fine. I have noticed that places I was a little chubby am not really anymore. Seems my weight is just shifting form one place to another. I'm also feeling him kick a lot more now. I am really curious how Connor is going to react when he finally feels the baby move. I imagine hes going to freak out.

Lastly my blanket I had a goal to finish the cross stitch part of it by well today. I did it! Now on to the back stitching :). Once again I tweaked these photos with photoshop, the colors was really dull in my photo which is not like the blanket at all! bad lighting I'm thinking. Now I am going to follow the directions and the the back sitiching of one color at a time, first off pink.

Lastly random photo of Connor, he sometimes falls asleep in the strangest of places!

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