Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let it be ok

Right now I am on edge, been crying and just well freaked out. So I had my US at 20 weeks and all they said at the time that my little guy was positioned strangely and that they did not get a great view of the heart. So they had me do another today. Again he was in a strange position, hes facing towards my stomach (and breach), which helps explain why his kicks feel so soft. Anyways what they saw was the same as last time and apparently what they think there seeing is extra growth in the atrium of his heart. So they know want me to do an echogram which will give a clear picture of his heart and will tell for sure if that is happening.
I did feel like everything went a bit blurry at that point, because my Doc started explaining what could happen if that is the case. Right now my LO is fine, he measured at exactly 27 weeks, due date March22, my original is 23, so no problems there. Its after hes born that there could be problems. He said it could repair itself but if not could require heart surgery and he said some people who have it do live normal lives but can have heart problems. I'm just scared right now and just waiting for them to call me to set up the appointment at the best children Hospital in the state. My guess is they won't be calling me until after Christmas.


Telisha Garris said...

I will be praying that they find nothing wrong!!! Please don't stress! Think calming and wonderful thoughts.
The good news is no matter what they find, he has much better odds of full recovery!!

Joysze said...

Sending you lots of hugs. I hope that you'll get great news from the echogram.