Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saw New Doctor.

Ok went to my new Doc, well a Doc there not sure who I'll be seeing next week they asked if I cared which one I told them who was ever available. They had me do another ultrasound they wanted to make sure that the did not see other abnomrailities. Appaerntly its common to have otehr problems with a heart defect. Well other then his ine heart defect they saw nothing else wrong. I will be going in for another echo on Friday. What I did learn from teh US is that he's about 5 pounds, has lots of hair and is already in the perfect postion for birth. What a relief! I'm hoping that part goes well so i can have a vaginal birth and not get stuck in the hospital for to long after he gets here. I don't won't to be stuck in my hopsital room the day he has his surgery.

I will be seeing the high risk Doctor once a week now and taking a stress test (they check his heart) once a wekk as well. I would have posted this earlier but I ended up sleeping the last 2 hours. Work is getting to me right now. its crazy. I've done a bit of over time and 14 hours.... worked the last 3 Saturdays, looks like this coming Saturday is going to be me working as well. Can't keep this up I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant! Tired emotional and with a  three year old in the mix its hard.

Only other news I received is they want to induce sometime at 39 weeks. Which little nervous about not that the fact that its 4 weeks away, but because I was a little over a week early with Connor. I better not go into labor before he my induction date... whenever that is! Ok well going to go get my son to sleep so I can go back to sleep still feeling a little dizzy from the long day!


Telisha Garris said...

So good news, strange news and of course you're tired.
Are you going to have another baby shower or are you all set for this one?
Is there anything I can do to help?

Heather said...

Basically set, though fam said you don;t do baby showers for the second one... so got most of the stuff by myself. Just need a few things. Just need time to get it which may never happen now my fucking boss told me I had to work all weekend not sure how I can physically keep this up.