Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dreary January

Sorry I have not posted much this month it has been a very blah month!  This weekend is the first one this month were someone was not sick! Had another bad stomach bug go through the house. My boys are doing well now Aiden has started to crawl forward. So cute to see such a little guy crawl. He isn't going to far he always seems happy to be were he is at.

No news on his cardiology appointment yet! I keep calling and they do not have the appointment book yet. This is starting to get very annoying especially the reason behind it. Obama care has to approve the appointment books before they take appointment for April. Apparently they are limiting the amount of procedures that can be done per month. Hope I can get an appointment for him soon. Because there is one thing my cutie is occasionally doing that it bothering me. The other night after he had been asleep for over an hour he started breathing really fast and hard. As if he had recently exerred himself physically but he had not he was asleep. I rubbed his back and that slowed his breathing. But I know the breathing fast is a heart sign. :/

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