Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Resolutions?

I have never been one to make resolutions and that's not going to change any.There is one big change this year I feel like I am starting this New Year blind. I honestly do not know what will happen this year. Feel like I know less then last year which is odd. Considering what we went through last year. Last year we had a plan this year?Nada, no plan no idea of what is ahead. Is his heart Okay? Or will Widen need more surgeries?I don't know and we won' t know until April? Possibly sooner if there is an opening. We have made no plans for vacations because of this. Not that we can afford to go anywhere because we can't. Still paying on Aiden's open heart surgery from last March. What I  know is that we are planning to take time of around his first birthday. In- laws will be here that may be are vacation this year.

Now to the one thing I do have control over his first birthday party. Hubby and me can' t agree on a theme superheroes or Star Wars. Hubby wants Star Wars because he says the force is strong with him. I want superhero party because he's my hero! Will get it figured out we have time.

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