Saturday, May 25, 2013

Date set

Firstly A is  much better with the ear infection and is almost done taking his medicine.He now has a date set for his OHS. It is set for September tenth. Now it is not set in stone that fat out the surgeon may have something come up that day. Was told he can nit have vaccines six weeks prior to his surgery because they would be flushed out of his system. Also for eight weeks prior to the surgery if he gets sick we have to see his pediatrician to make sure he is okay for the surgery.

He has not been sleeping well he us cutting two teeth at the same time. After setting the surgery date must say extra happy at the decision of waiting a year before sending big brother to kindergarten. Would have started around the time of little A's surgery and I do nit see the combination being good at all!

Lastly here is a picture showing how grumpy the little guy has been.


Telisha Garris said...

How invasive is this OHS?
Sorry that you have had such a tough time with him lately.
Also - very glad that you put off school.
You have a ton on your plate this year and to add school, homework, and running back and forth due to accidents, injuries, not feeling good... all the fun phone calls you get from the school - not a good thing right now.

Heather said...

Well they are going to open his chest out him on bypass and patch the hole in his heart. I have been told he will be in the hospital for a week.

Kerrigan said...

Sorry he is not a happy chappy right now. Praying all goes well with his surgery and he has a smooth recovery.
Here if you need to talk.