Friday, May 17, 2013

ER visit

On Wednesday little A had a fever that we were able to control with medicine.Next day though he still had it when it wore off and it was getting higher.After working ten hours went to my mom's to pick up the boys. Held little A and he was just so hot! He was not acting in his normal way when he gets sick. No cough or runny nose. He was spitting up some of his milk, but that was it. It was after hours and mommy senses kicked in saying he needed to be seen. So I took him to the ER at Primary Children's Medical center.

First if ERs sure do take a long time we were there for over 3 hours. They cleaned out his ears so they could have a good luck. They had to wrap him up an  hols him down ans squirt water in his ears. He really did not like that. But he hated the room more . He would not as top crying and started to panic every time someone came into the room. Poor guy does not like hospitals, can't imagine why ;).

After all of that and a 250 copay we learned that little A has an ear infection. He is now on antibiotics for the next ten days. Hope it starts to clear up soon poor little guy is just miserable and big brother is so worried about him.

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Kerrigan said...

Hope he feels better soon.