Saturday, October 12, 2013

Latest cardiology appointment

A saw cardiology yesterday. It was the easiest and fastest appointment so far! They only checked his weight ( he is up to19 pounds 4 ounces) an  his blood pressure. They listened to his heart and basically said is that he looks great and they will check him in five months with an echo. Was told to treat him like a normal kid with  no restrictions. He has gained two pounds since the procedure amazing!

He is not sleeping well right mow because at our teeth are coming in the bottom an  two on top. So he is not a happy camper! I am amazed at how much things have changed since  his heart patch. His teeth before the Cath took forever to come in now? Oh man the ones that were slowly coming in are now fully in and like I said he needed any on the bottom and they are making up for lost time.

His belly button which was an inny with his no  pushy tummy  is poking out! Also before if I put my ear to his chest after each beat I could hear blood gushing, his heart murmur. Now? All I hear is his heart pounding its music to my ears.

If the appointment goes will in five months the next one will be a year and after that if it goes well? 3-5 years! More music to my ears :).

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