Monday, October 21, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts it's October which means I am really busy at work, worked eleven hours on Friday!  Other then that been tired thing's are going well here A is now giving kisses and  we have also taught him to blow kisses and him an  big brother are playing more and :).  I have been on  Walking Dead kick never saw them all and been watching them on Netflix really enjoying them. That is about all I can think of other then A is not sleeping well at night, he is testing us which is making doe one tired mom a who ended up getting up at five to go to work works nine hour on oh  about four hours of sleep. So yeah bit foggy today. I'll just end this with pictures. The first is A tryingtowacape his car sear... hope he out grows that soon! An  then last I feel need  some silly caption that my sleep deprived brain could never come up with :p.

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