Sunday, July 13, 2014

Heart mom

Just wanted to say that tonight I am thankful to be a heart mom. My son has unknowingly given me strength I did not know I had. Not sure if you all saw about the fire at the mulch company Thursday night. My husband and I work at the lab next door to it. There was extensive damage done ( picture attached shows just a glimpse). With my sin scheduled for surgery next month I of course started freaking out about the future will we have a job, insurance?? So many questions and do far we still have jobs but it could change the future isn't set and yes I have been panicking at times but seeing my son who has been through do much and is still so happy and energetic that I realized its a bump in the road a small one compared to what he has been. Though the pictures I have seen of the lab break me apart I try, try to stay strong for him, because of him.

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