Wednesday, July 9, 2014


A had his ultrasound yesterday we do not have the results yet. No idea when will get them. I'm really not stressed about this one if his peering is any indication on how well his kidneys are doing he's fine, more then fine ;). 

He was overall good about the testing. He did cry at first mdinly because he's had some not do fun tests that involve an IV and sedation, but not this one. As soon as he realized it was not hurting he stopped crying and started acting like his normal two year old self. Which meant me kneeling by the table and holding him down by making it seem like I was giving him a message. Especially when he was on his tummy. They had Finding Nemo playing but it was not keeping his attention. While on his back he wanted to crawl away. And who can blame him? With all the tests he has gone through  I would want to crawl away to!

I am really hoping that his surgery next month fixes ado merging he has been doing a lot, randomly throwing up. Monday night he was just playing in the living room watching Rio and he turned around and was just covered and in throw up no warning, nothing ! He didn't even make a sound just suddenly totally covered. He coughs he throws up, he cries he throws up, he does nothing and yes he throws up! It's incredibly frustrating! Starting to wonder if this thing on his neck is causing the problem if it does go all the way up to his tonsils it may be affecting his gag reflex. Hoping that's it cause the surgery would fix it.

And Iit got to get back to my kids because the two year old thrw through crayons all over me. Oh the joys if being a mom!

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