Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clash of the Titans

I haven't written in this for a bit just been busy with work and life. That and I really haven't had anything exciting happened the past while just the same old normal day to day routine. I also have not watched any new movies as of late finally sat down and watched one, well kind of sat down and watched one found better things to do then watch it. Anyways it was the new version of Clash of the Titans. Figured it would be fun to write down what I thought of it. Though trying to think of anything positive about the movie will be difficult.

Ok first of I am really getting sick and tired of movies that go overboard with CGI. The story gets lost and all you see is flashy special effects that just want to scream out look what we can do! And when I say flashy I mean flashy the Zues was literally flashy all the time, looked really strange. the monsters where a bit over the top CGI to I mean the kraken you could not even tell the shape of it half the time. It was as if they were half assed about it . Hey lets do really, really big close ups of Perseus fighting the Kraken because the lower body we never designed! All you could see was a small part of body and tentacles flying all about. probably was for he 3D effect which is worthless once its out of theaters. And ok sometimes worthless in theaters. I'll admit I'm not ha big 3D fan. the main tricks they do on it are so silly. Lets throw something at you kind of thing. It was cute the first hundred times but enough is enough. The worst part is, it does not translate well once released to DVD those parts look stupid (Parts of Monsters Vs. Aliens drove me nuts because of that).

Ok back to the movie. The story was muddles and skippy. Felt like they just wanted to show cool creatures that they made instead of having an actually storyline. For me to like a movie it absolutely needs a storyline and decently developed characters. If it doesn't have that then its a no go. Also this has Greek mythology in it is it that hard to stick to it? i mean really. When was Medusa ever in the underworld, she always lived on an island. I know its a small thing but it bugs me. not as bad as pegasus though. I'll admit I couldn't stand the idea that they made a Pegasus black. Maybe its silly but I love mythological horses and changing them drives me up the wall. Now my husband did keep teasing me about this one saying you racisit and what a brother can't have a part in the movie :p. I did have hubby laughing because each time the pegasus was on screen I kept saying stupid horse.

I really can not find anything about this movie that I liked even the main character bugged me. Sam Worthington does not fit the part of a ancient Greek eh didn't even have the right hair cut. Greeks had long hair not buzz cuts! He wasn't a Roman. *Deep breath* ok I'm done. I'll just say I'd give this movie 1 out of 5 stars just because only really, really specially bad movies get 0 stars from me.


Blessed Rain said...

Very good to know - My hubby also a Greek mythology man watched this and when I asked what he thought of the movie he said - "not worth watching again". Love you detailed explanation of why its not worth my time.
I am sad that they keep going over the top in these movies not getting that the new stage of movies are coming off the independents and the less is more ideas.

Dawn Marie said...

That is too funny, hubby and I saw it, and I'm not going to see it again either. It was to much special effects and no character development.