Friday, August 20, 2010


What an awful weak this was. I'm not going to go into full details its all work related and not a big fan of saying to much ion the net when its work related. all I will say is started out by someone who has a tendency when something goes wrong flies of and starts accusing that someone else is intentionally doing it to make her look bad and usually she says its me. For those who really know me should at least have some idea that I couldn't do that! I never want to do anything that can have big negative effect on another person. I would literally have anxiety attack after attack. So yes its hard trying to do your job and having someone scream at you that your sabotaging her. The strange thing in all of this is I don't hate her I feel... sorry for her. Must have had some really bad experinces in your past that you have this must trouble trusting anyone.

Anyways my boss gets let go today for I dunno why heard rumors but thats jsut uit rumors. part of it dealing with above problem saying he could not manage his peopel. i don't knwo this whole thing is frustraing na dI keep worrying myself wondering if i could have done something differently to have changed all of this? :/

Just gald I ahve something fun to do tomorrow my cousin Angie is getting married and her birdal shower is tomorrow I need some of my crazy aunts to get me in a better mood!


Dawn Marie said...

I'm sorry sweetie, you just never know who is going through junk in their life. I have one of those at my office, it all begins with "I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but...." ugh! Congratulate Angie for us! I'd love to see pictures. Hug your mom for me too!

Blessed Rain said...

Congratulations Angie!
I am sorry that someone would treat you that horribly and yes I know that you would never and could never act like that!
Hoping and praying that next week is a good week.