Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weight gain

Aiden's weight gain has been very slow going, which is normal for a heart baby but still its a problem. He is now in the 2 percentile for weight and height, but 17 percentile for head size.  The image below is the first thing of cloths I have found that no longer fits him! Yes its a hat like stated above his head is bigger then the rest of him... both of my boys are like that.

Everyday I feel so stressed out about the amount of ounces he is drinking and stress a bit if it goes down an ounce fro the day before. I'm always thinking and worrying that the feeding tube will come back! His pediatrician does not want that to happen and has decided to have me try upping his calorie intake by adding micro-lipids to his bottle 1 mL per ounce.  The only place that sold this was primaries so I took the drive up there with both boys to buy the stuff.

Now part of the problem with his calorie intake is the fact that we have to add stuff to the milk to thicken it it in turn dilutes the calories he is getting.  Stuff like simply thick adds thickens but no calories!

HEres hoping it works becasue i don't want that damn tube to come back!


Telisha Garris said...

Here's hoping it works!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Don't forget, those charts are for full-term, standard-issue, formula-fed babies only. Unless they have a special one for heart babies they have given you!

As long as he's gaining or maintaining weight overall he'll be fine. Babies naturally have growth spurts and don't always follow a line. My first son was on every centile from 75th down to 2nd and back again over his first year! he settled on the 50th eventually.

Hope the doc's suggestions work.