Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July fun

Figured I would do a quick update. Aiden is doing really well without the feeding tube. Last Monday the therapist came and checked on him and weighed him he had gained 2 ounces that week. She said that was really good becasue normally babies loose weight after having the tube pulled because things feel differently to them so yay for my little guy. She said she is going to work with him in two weeks and that cold be it! Which yes that's another big step for my little guy!

On the 4th of July we went to the park and had fun. It was a trail run for Aiden he hasn't really been around to many places yet he did OK but got hot he really doesn't like heat! Like today we have a little humidity so my house is hotter then normal and hes one grumpy guy! we mainly went to the park/ mini carnival for Connor he rode two rides and a horse. He spent the majority of the time petting his horse it was very cute! he seemed to enjoy it a lot more then the other kids.

Connor petting on the horse

Aiden smiling as big as his toy cookie monster
Connor having fun.. the girl in the seat behind him not so much!
Aiden in the stroller.

Connor posing for the picture
 OH and lastly to answer a question a few of you have asked. Aiden goes in again to see his heart Doctor in the end of August right now he is only set up for an EKG which means there not going to be checking on the hole in his heart, needs an echo for that I imagine they are going to give more time for it to close before they check it again.


Telisha Garris said...

Wonderful! Love the photos! Love how great Aiden is doing!
Since the Echo is so far away how are the signs?
You once mentioned that his feet were blue/cold ect and several other signs of possible heart issues... are they improving?
It would be great if all healed on its own!!!

Heather said...

His feet are still cold from time to time but not blue anymore and he still does the breathing fast thing but he mainly does that at doctor appointments.. I don't think he likes being there!