Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy new year

New year was never something I celebrated but this year? I am hoping for a much leas stressful year! Yes Aiden was worth it all but I hope all the big stuff is done with his heart. We will not know for a while though. I . called to make a cardiology appointment and there was only one day available in March. It was on his first birthday. We have been wait listed and . may not be getting in until April.

I did this for several reasons first I didn't want him to be sedated on his birthday!Also my in laws should hopefully be here for his birthday. They were supposed to be here for Christmas but got very sick and couldn't come. My mother-in-law ended up being hospitalized for Christmas. She is home now. I really hope they make it for his birthday .This is the third trip that they had to cancel due to sickness.

Side note I hope this post works I am writing it on my new kindle fire :).

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