Wednesday, August 6, 2014


(Little warning with the mood I'm in this post will most likely be full of sarcasm and some swearing, sure I'm born and raised in Utah but I'm not Mormon.)

There seriously are times I ask my self why the hell do I not drink??? The past while has really, really been testing me a lot. For example work we have a building, never mind we don't. Ok now we have it oh wait... Gah!!!!! So no we do not have the new building yet more delays upon delays . Probably because it's not privately owned its owned by the state! And yeah giveemt sure likes to make things easy right? Hah. You would think they would be happy to get someone into a building that has been unoccupied for eleven years? Yes? Maybe?? Hopefully...

Aiden has surgery in less then two weeks and yea I am anxious and have been having anxiety attacks. It's not as big of what he has had in the past but it's still SURGERY!i still have to hand my baby over to doctors and kiss him good bye. 

Talking about Aiden just got a five hundred medical bill from something done in match and there giving ten days to pay it. Umm thanks for that! Can't even figure out what he had that day? Shot maybe? Yeah don't have a fucking clue. Calling them tomorrow.

And on the medical stuff took Connor yesterday to register for kindergarten and they told me he was not up to date on his hep b shot? His six month was given on December 29 but oh no it should have been on the 31st so oh no they won't count it as done! WTF??? Thankfully his doctor is awesome and they have already dealt with it.

Let's see what else? Oh yeah my newly fixed car air conditioner broke again! It worked for a week... Also the two big trees in our yard are dying and we are having them removed next week. Thankfully my parents are helping with this one there putting the cost of it (2500 bucks) on their loan  so I can do payments. So going to ask again why the fuck do I not drink???

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Piper AndTheKids said...

Sounds like everything is happening at once :( I hope things get better!