Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Can I just say life for us right now is crazy??? Should be little obvious with my posts as of late. Must decide on something ASAP. Connor who was suppose to start school on the second may be starting earlier. Depending in what we decide to do! Got a call today he had been accepted to a charter school! I did want him to go to one just... School starts tomorrow, yeah. Which means he will start school a few days late we also did not get orientation. Decisions, decisions. Have until Friday to decide. Thinking about what we should do! Smaller class sizes, rules less strict but that's a quick change on when he starts!!!

Also one thing i did not mention on Monday was bedsides beings Aiden's surgery date it was also my mother in laws first birthday since her passing :(. I know hubby struggled with it. It has really been a hard year for us to say the least.

And that is why I want to say how thankfully I am for my boys. They have brought me a new perspective in life. Connor is so quick to make holes and works do hard to make me laugh and Aiden? Oh this kid amazes me do much he is so strong! He is not on any pain meds. They gave us plenty he just doesn't need them cause he is acting completely normal! Wow just wow kid thanks got showing me what it is to be strong. And thank you Connor in showing me it's ok to laugh in even the hardest if situations.

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