Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eat Eat Eat Nanas

Little boogie boy can really crack me up at times. Just yesterday at dinner he took his sippy cup stuck it on his head and said hat!Well at least he knows what a hat is used for right? better then the other thing he used a while back an banana. Boy that was messy.

Oh and mentioning bananas that another new thing he is doing he likes the song, among many songs, the song I love to eat eat eat apples and bananas. well the other day while we were at Wal Mart out of nowhere he stated signing it though it came out as Eat Eat Eat Nanas. he loves music and his favorite toys is a ukulele, harmonica and toy piano.


Blessed Rain said...

love the video - grandpa would have loved it!

Heather said...

he would have especially since he was playing with the ukulele that grandpa bought for my mom.

Blessed Rain said...

love it!

Dawn Marie said...

That is the cutest! I finally watched it with sound. You have an adorable son.