Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Been So Long

I haven't written in a blog for a very long time. I felt with my crazy life with moments of life just whipping by I needed to write some of it down. My little boy is almost 2 years old now. how that happened I do not know and I've heard how hard it is to remember some of the stuff about them when they are little so I want to write it down. So here goes.

Yesterday we went to the zoo, ignoring my Dr.'s orders to stay off my feet due to my swollen heels. Yes they hurt, but I cant stop living. I'm going to try other things to get them healed just staying of my feet isn't that realistic.

Anyway back to the zoo. Overall it was fun though I am never, ever, ever going back in July. It was way to hot. We took Connor on the carousel and train both of which he seemed to have fun. we didn't see all of the animals it was like I said to hot and my hubby who is on new medication is getting some not to great side effects and with the heat was miserable. I do have to say one thing the Zoo needs more animals! When I was little we always said we were going to go see the lions and tigers and bears oh my! Well that line does not work now, they have no lions or bears :/. now in two years they will have a brand new section with specially since polar bears, sea lions, otters and bald eagles. Which will be great. I must admit when I saw we will have sea otters I got giddy. I've always loved sea otters but until that time they are missing a big section. Only thing is its going to be who knows how long until we get lions again which sucks. I guess if I want to see lions I can always drive down to Las Vegas and go to the MGM.

Well that's all I have to say really I have a little boy who is getting upset because he wants to play with the keyboard and I'm not letting him. Terrible twos here we come!


Blessed Rain said...

Good luck with the two's I found three to be the really terrible time for both of my kids.I love the Zoo but we rarely go during the summer and I can not wait until they are all done with the remodels which so far I have found amazing!

Dawn Marie said...

Oh, I've had foot pain too, and I had to stop working out and all of that. What I found very helpful was putting pureed pumpkin on them, and yes I covered them with socks I only used for that purpose. I also got a foot soaking gadget to help alleviate the pain with. I love the zoo, and wish we had a better one here.