Saturday, July 24, 2010

I suck at this!

Ok so I figured with a three day weekend I will try to stay of my feet as much as possible. Have I been? Of course nor! I just cant do it! Staying of of my feet is hard I keep thinking I need to do this and this and and and and... Oh boy. And my hubby is getting annoyed wit me he's trying to do some of the stuff to keep me off my feet but do I ask for help? Course not I just do it and get yelled at afterwards. Oh well I guess I'm just stubborn when it coms to these things.

Ok I'm tired so of to bed just one last thing.

I want that shirt! Would be so much fun to wear to work. But not spending that much on a shirt that is bound to end up ruined bcause of the chemicals I work with heh.

1 comment:

Blessed Rain said...

Alright girly - STAY OFF YOUR FEET!! let your hubby order out, get paper plates and be a bum for a week or two - you need to get better!!!