Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Honk if you like Dinosaurs

After work did my usual routine and went over to my Mom's house to pick up boogie. He can be such a little tease at times. Every time I come to pick him up he runs to me then stops smiles turns and runs off and I have to go catch him. Silly little boy. well once I caught him my mom noticed the neighbor kids had a sign up that read Honk if you like Dinosaurs. can tell the kids are getting bored with summer vacation! Anyways can't wait for Friday get a three day weekend only sucky part is that means Thursday I have to work until 6 which sucks. July in general sucks work wise. its are slowest month and it takes everything in me to keep busy or at least appear to keep busy. And now on top of it all I'm trying to decrease the amount of time that I am on my feet during the day its not going well.

The main no nos for this inconvenient foot problem I have is hard not to do. One is avoid hard surfaces. Right well can't do that. Work is one whole hard surface. I'm also not suppose to exercise until it heals. which right now the main exercise I'm getting is chasing Connor about the house which I like doing. Oh well.

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Blessed Rain said...

Sorry about your foot trouble hope you get well soon!