Sunday, September 18, 2011

The fair

The weather was perfect for the fair yesterday! Not to hot and a nice breeze. Connor was really excited to go when we told him there was different types of animals there, he turned everything off in the house and ran down the hall yelling I love animals! So yes we spent some time looking at all of the animals I brought my camera but only took a few pictures.It seemed everyone else decided to come to the fasir as well. There were a LOT of people. At times to many for me.

I also understand more why some people with strollers push themselves through you have to! People see a strooler and cut you of or don't give room for you to get through.b One place I wanted to go was see the bunnies. I love bunnies, but never had one as a pet my dad is really allergic to those little adorable animals *sighs*.

I had to take this next picture because oit was just to funny and made me think of Mother Goose.

I would rather have gotten a picture of them when they were walking about but to many people around. I did go and look at some of the cross stitch submitted and must say wow not sure I'd ever be that good some looked like photographs they were really good!

On our way out of the fair we had to cut through a building that was full of vendors because the pigs were being judged,. My parents were upfront, grandpa had Connor, hubby and I were trying to keep up when one boot stopped us both. It was full of sketches something we have hanging up all over the house.

The Jedi Mickey started it all and yes hubby did leave with a sketch, a Star Wars sketch. The one posted above.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, returning the following. Congrats on the pregnancy, my friend is due about the same time. I was 42 when the small boy as born so I'm an older Mum too. I call him the small boy because his brother is the large boy, but small weighed 10lbs at birth!

Topcho said...

Looks like lots of fun! Those geese are really adorable :) And the Jedi, lol! May the force be with you XD