Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kids and cross stitch

My niece who was fighting some nasty viruses on top of other things is now home from the hospital. She hadn't been drinking anything so she was there on an IV. That's really all I know saw a post from my sis-in-law on her facebook they live in Hawaii so there four hours behind us and so they cam home at 2 am our time and its only 4 am there time atm.

Connor has made some head way in potty training finally. we now have a chart and he earns a sticker each time he uses the potty and he finally went number 2, twice in the potty. So yay progress!

This post isn't going to be to long work hasn't been fun I'm working non stop and at times ten hours... I've been a bit exhausted because of it! And haven't made much headway on my cross stitch blanket. been working on the Q since Sunday. Still I'll do a photo update and also this first picture is of my mini jedi. And yes that is a custom lightsaber... his daddy made it. Hubby is really good at making them!

Were also getting out of the house today off to the state fair to see cows, sheep, goats, pigs, bunnies and I want to take a look at the crafts area and see other people's cross stitch.

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Blessed Rain said...

Love the light sabor and hope that work slows down a little - being pregnant makes for a very long day on your feet!
I am thrilled to hear your niece is recovering!
Enjoy the fair and all the fun things that go with it!