Monday, September 12, 2011

My niece

So worried about my niece whom I mentioned in an earlier post. the doctors have been trying to figure out what exactly is wrong. First they went and saw a specialist who said she was under developed in the lower part of her body which caused her intestine to come out a little after she went to the bathroom. And said that they were going to wait a month and see if things start to catch up. well last night we get a message she was being admitted to the hospital because to top it all off she has had the stomach flu and was very dehydrated. they decided to keep her to see if they could figure out what else was going on, because they felt it was more then what the specialist said.

well today we got a call from my sister -in-law and the part of the intestine that came out isn't working. they say its a small part but causing problems, giving her a lot of gas and what not and may need to be surgically removed. poor little one :/ wish I could do something to help, but its my in-laws and a plane ticket to Hawaii isn't cheap. We are thinking of sending her a get well package of some sort, because not much else we can do from here! just send our love I guess and hope it all turns out fine in the end.


Blessed Rain said...

Will be praying for her! Sounds like she is very young?
keep us posted!

Heather said...

Shes under 2 have a picture of her in an earlier post.

Blessed Rain said...

That is both good and bad - good because the earlier they fix those type of issues the better and bad because its heart wrenching to see a baby go through all of that!
Praying for you family!

Topcho said...

Sending prayers her way! I hope she'll get better soon!