Saturday, April 14, 2012

1 Month

Sorry at the lack of updates everything has been crazy. Its a lot more work to feed a little one on a feeding tube then if you are just breast feeding. Because I have change his food and pump. And pumping hasn't been fun I've gotten three infections and am now now antibiotics. Aiden is 1 month old today! What a crazy month it has been.

Stats: As of Tuesday(10th) my little guy was 8 pounds 7 ounces! I do not know how long he is seems the Doctors just don't want to tell me that.

Diapers: Using size 1 on him.

Clothes: He's still in newborn clothes. He's just a little guy.

Eating: He's on his feeding tube still and we are working with him to swallow better. He goes in Wednesday to be tested and see if he will now swallow without aspirating. Basically what I am doing via speech therapist teaching I am making sure he takes his binkie often so ge can work on sucking, also helps with swallowing. Was putting small amounts of chapstick on his mouth so he gets use to flavors. And have now started putting about a drop of his breast milk/formula concoction ( 5 ounces of breast milk to 4 teaspoons of formula) on his binkie so he is used to the flavor and doesn't gag at the swallow test due to that.

Sleeping: overall he sleeps well at night, nut hes on continues feed, well ok not fully continues in it for 20 out of 24 hours. The 4 hours he's off is at night so his tummy is used to not being full while sleeping.  I imagine his sleeping habits will change once his feeding is changed.

Milestones: He's good at finding me with his eyes and when I smile at him he sometimes smiles back so cute! He's also discovered his hands and tries to put them in his mouth mittens and all!

Medical:  The big checks is Wednesday: echo, x-ray, swallow test. Hopefully he will taken off of his minute amount of oxygen then, we will see! He is on only 0.03 ml of O2, seriously its near nothing. I have to turn it up to make sure its on before I hook him up!

Yesterday grandma I had to take him to the outpatient primary clinic in Riverton. So glad they opened a facility out there! Much closer then the other one. Anyways his feeding tube was out a bit and I hasd been told if that happens to take him in because he may need to have it replaced if its not in the right spot. Well 2 x-rays later, one with a yucky dye found out it was in the right spot! So just had a new tape job and that's it. He did scream bloody murder when the old tape which covered half his face was removed. This new tape job has much less tape on his face, thankfully.

The dye they used made out for a long night for us. It made little A sick to his tummy and it all came up. Thankfully I as holding him at the time because he needed to be held upside down ( Daddy did this) to clear out his airway.  After that I slept with the lights on and him on the heart/ saturation monitor all night, I checked him a lot that night but he didn't spit up anymore thankfully.


My little smiley guy

Holding onto his Easter present from uncle CJ :)


Telisha Garris said...

he is looking so very happy!

Rhianna said...

I don't know what more to say than how good it is to hear he's progressing well. Has it really only been a month? hehe feels like longer with all he and you all have been though. He's just so darn precious. That smiling picture is impossible not to grin at. I may have to remember it's there next Tim I'm having a bad day and need something to bring me a smile. :)

Sorry to hear about the infections. I know so many other women who got them and I never got one. So I can't imagine how awful it must be. I heard cabbage leaves help, like just laying them on your boobs or something lol I have no idea what kind of crazy home remedy that is. Make a cabbage leaf bikini top. :P

Anyways, love hearing the good news, hope your infection clears up and stays gone!