Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Ok took a few days off of the blog. Saturday Connor got to see his brother again. So far he has been such a good kid with him! Also my aunt Becky and my cousin Mandie did a quick visit.

While there the nurse mentioned that little A could be coming home on Sunday. So my parents left with Connor and we stayed around to do some training on his feeding tube.

I got up early on Sunday and got there by 8 so I could see his medicines being administered. I was told that the cardiac team makes there rounds around 9-10 and they would tell me more about him going home. Well 10 came and went and  I was finally was told at 12:30 that he was not going home that day. He had not gained enough weight. And that maybe on Monday he would go home.

I decided to work my 4 hours on Monday before going to PCMC because the day before they had taken so long to decide against him going home. Well I get to the hospital and find him wearing a onsie.

His nurse then walks in and says you ready for him to be home today? After he left I about broke down crying! So I eventually got him dressed in the outfit that I brought. I had 2 but the 0-3 month ones he'd have drowned in it!

So yes he is now home!  He is still on a feeding tube and oxygen which makes my small house feel minature. Its really hard moving him around the house but the important part is, is that he's home! And sleeping soundly in my lap right now :).


Kerry said...

YAY!!! Im so happy you have him home! Ive been following along... Sending you best wishes!

Piper said...

How wonderful to have him home :D

Telisha Garris said...

Home - such a wonderful word!

I am so very happy that he is home, you no longer have to visit him, rather you can wake up and kiss his toes, nose and hug him all you want!
I am so happy for you!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

aaaah, look at him in that car seat, he's so tiny!
So pleased he's home safe and sound and looking so healthy. He's got a fine head of hair too.

Kerrigan said...

So happy for you all.You must be so happy.