Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thats 1!

Yesterday was a long day at Primarys. Little A had two appointments one at 8:15 and the other at 1:15 (I didn't set up the appointments the hospital did and yes I did end up waiting around).  When we got there they sent us to x-ray and they did an x-ray of his chest to see if he still had some fluid in his chest. Guessing he did not because he is no longer on lasix, the medicine that was getting rid of excess fluid on his lungs.

Next I went back to the waiting room until we were called about 15 minutes after sitting down. His blood pressure was checked and pulse ox. It was near 100 percent and I was asked to turn of his oxygen after I turned it off there was no change in his saturation levels! Because of that he no longer needs oxygen. so yeah a step in the right direction! He also had an EKG which he did not like. Tons of wires all over his body worst part was taking the sticky pads off of him after they were down. He screamed big time after that! Don't blame him that had to have hurt.

His incision area is healing nicely and I've been told he can now be submerged in water, which I'm not going to do quiet yet. I want his neck to be a little stronger before I start doing submerged baths! As soon as that appointment was over, little after 10 I headed to straight to the car to dump off the very heavy oxygen tank which will be picked up sometime tomorrow. No more oxygen tanks in the house yay! I soon will be able to use all lotions and Vaseline again! Your not allowed to use anything with oils in it when baby is on oxygen. Cardiology wants to see him in about 2-3 months and they can see him at the Riverton facility, which is much closer to my house yay!

Taken on the way back into the hospital.

Aiden slept for the three hour wait for his swallow test.  Well ate lunch and spent my time reading a book.  The swallow test didn't go perfectly there was one very good thing about it but also some negative stuff. First all my work ti get him use to stuff in his mouth and to swallow paid off. When they gave him the bottle he started to drink from it showing no aversion he didn't gag because of the fluid a very good sign. Now when hes drinking there taking continues x-rays to see were the milk is going.  They can only do this test once a month due to radiation. Now for the bad stuff some of the liquid went to his lungs when he drank and it happened several times, but he only reacted once, coughed. The rest of the time you would haveno idea it went to his lings, which as they said is dangerous, he could aspirate.  So for the time being he will  remain on the feeding tube and will be tested again on May 16th. They say this happens with his type of correction there is a nerve near the corrected area that deals with swallowing.

Brotherly love
Connor is doing so well with Aiden I'm rather surprised he gets so excited when I ask him if he wants to hold his brother and likes to give him kisses. Now he can be funny about it all! The otehr week while we were at Grandma's he told my mom that she couldn't hold Aiden because and I quote " Aiden's mommies!".  Silly boy. Oh an also so proud of him he went 6 hours the other day in underwear with no accidents yay Connor!


Telisha Garris said...

Thrilled with both your boys! They are doing so well!!!

Piper said...

What wonderful news--he is doing great! I hope it isn't too much longer until that feeding tube can be gone, too :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great news about the oxygen!

Your Big Boy is such a star, what a great Big Brother he is. I'd like to send him a little something, we have some lovely small books in the shop where I work. If you send me your address I'll pop one in the post for him, with a nice international stamp too!