Friday, April 6, 2012

Speech therapist?

A speech therapist is coming to my house today to look at little A and help him with swallowing. I think its odd there called a speech therapist because a three week old doesn't do much more then grunt, coo and cry! Well guess I will see how it goes and I imagine it will be more training for me!

I've been busy of course. Taking care of my little guy is a lot more work then a normal new born. The feeding part takes a lot longer. About every four hours I have to rinse out the tubing used to give him his food add new prime it until there is no air and then start it up.  During all of that I'm pumping a lot, and making a nutrition busted breast milk (add a small amount of formula to it).  The picture below shows the iv stand with the feeding bag and pump. The back pack is what I can use when on the go, which right now I don't feel like going to many places. So far I've only taken him to see the pediatrician, which yay he's finally above his birth weight! funny side note they do not take back the IV pole so yeah we have an IV pole now. What am I suppose to do with an IV pole after hes off of the NJ tube?

He is also on oxygen so there are a few oxygen tanks around my house one big one and two little ones which can be used on the go. the small ones are heavy I got a real work out taking it all to his pediatrician.

One thing I am very surprised about is how well his incision is healing. Below is a picture of it when he was three weeks old, that would be two weeks post op. It looks so amazingly well! he will have a scar but I feel it will be really faint in time.

Lastly Connor is doing so well with Aiden! He so far has had no jealousy issues and in fact yesterday I had little A in the living room and went to my bedroom to grab something. well Connor comes up to me and goes go back and watch my brother! Apparently I'm not allowed to leave him for a moment.


Telisha Garris said...

Love how Connor is taking care of his bro!
Also love all the fun medical equipment you are acquiring!
If you want to clear them out but still have access to them in the future I have a friend who collects and stores medical items in her shed. (one of 3)
Also within 6 months he scar will be much lighter and smaller and within a year with will have sunk in turning a very faint pink.
(hubby has been through lots of surgeries)

Rhianna said...

He really is healing well where he was opened up. It's amazing how healthy he looks considering all he's gone through. It's just precious seeing him and Connor together. I'm so glad he's doing well with it all, I bet it's not easy for him to share you but sound like he's doing a darn good job of it.

I found the jealous phase didn't start until Noa was a bit older and needed more one on one attention. Best advice I can give is to make sure Connor gets some one on one time with you without him have to act out to get it. Learned that one the hard way. :S

Dawn Black said...

your boys are cute! Conner is a good big brother. I'm so glad that he is healing fast. ((((HUGS)))