Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Come on Wednesday!

 So my Aiden is doing very well feeding wise. His Doctor last week said if we can get him to drink 15 ounces a day the feeding tube is being pulled. He has done that since Saturday and the pump has only been on once since Saturday! Made me a very happy Momma. We go in tomorrow for another check up and hopefully then it will be pulled out and we can start working on more regular baby things! Now he will be on a thick liquid diet, he still can not have thin liquids and it may be months if at all that we do another swallow My pediatrician doesn't want us to do another one unless we absolutely need to. He wants to avoid the radiation and since my little guy is doing so well drinking thick liquids then he feels we should just stick with that.

I'll update tomorrow on how the app goes.

3 months post op

Connor's excited!


Piper said...

That is wonderful! I'm so glad he is taking the bottle so well :) it would be great to not have to worry about the tube anymore :D

Kerrigan said...

That is great that he is drinking so well.I am sure her will be happier without the tube too.
Hope all geos well tom.

Heather said...

I'm hoping it goes away very soon.. like in an hour cause I hate that tube! Clogs suck!