Friday, June 8, 2012

Ups and downs of a heart baby

Its been a week... to put it mildly. There has  been some good stuff and some not so good stuff. No clogs at least. Well OK it was clogged Monday but I got it unclogged so yay no runs to PCMC. Tuesday Aiden started to drink from a bottle.

Which is the best of news I can say. That was the biggest hurtle to get him through now we just need him to slowly drink from it more and more. He had two doctor appointments this week. the first was a regular weight check, he has one every 2 weeks. he know weighs 10 pounds 10 ounces and so gained 5 ounces in the last two weeks. yes he is gaining weight slowly yes he is almost three months old and still fist into newborn clothes. Do I care no he's my little smiley buddy so its fine. The doctors are not worried about it they say hes gaining weight and that's all that matters! So if there not worried about it I won't be either.

His other appointment was with cardiology and part of it was an echo to check on his heart. part of me was glad they were going to to do the test, but the other part was worried. I knew something wasn't fully right with his heart, well I should say I felt there was something else going on because I had read the symptoms of what they can show if they have a heart problem. Since his was fixed he shouldn't be showing the symptoms but he was. He has a tendency to breath fast his feet at times are clod and on rare occasions blue and he is gaining weight but slowly. My worry? I thought his repair wasn't fully repaired. 

So what did the echo show? His coarac repair is good, but and this is a big but they found a hole in the upper chamber of his heart. My heart sank when they told me this, his Doctor didn't seem to worried about it, just they wanted to watch and see if it closed on its own. If it doesn't? He'll need surgery sometime down the line. Definitely the last thing I wanted to hear or deal with, but at least I know now that I wasn't crazy. My intuition was right I just had hoped I was seeing things that wasn't there, but I was.

I can say one thing about this little guy he has a great spirit, he's just so very happy even with all of the crap he is going through and that make me happy.


Kerrigan said...

Great news on the weight gain even if it is slow.Sorry to hear about the hole.Hope it closes on its own.He is making such good progress with drinking from the bottle.Heart journeys are always one step forward and two steps backwards.
Take care.

Telisha Garris said...

Yeah for the bottle, yeah for weight gain, yeah for happy and adorable trooper baby.
I am so very sorry that he has a hole!
Will be praying that it fixes on its own!

Just Kerry said...

That smile on his little face makes me smile too!

Piper said...

When I read five ounces in two weeks, I gave a little cheer :p With Iz, every single ounce was a reason to celebrate--it may be slow-going but a gain is a gain ;-)